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Knee Advice from the Stone Clinic

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Great article:

Interesting stuff about not twisting your knee when you get into a car.
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Gracias Lisamarie!

Tried 'em both:

Wall Slide cause a minor pain on my left knee CAP.
Knee Bends, no pain whatsoever.

Also, if I try to do a tuck pulling my ankle as close to the back of my thigh, I get that same knee cap pain, the left knee.

Mind you, I thought I had a meniscus problem, but now really don't know what I have.

I'll be getting an MRI sooner or later, but can y'all shed some light on this slight pain?

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Please, somebody help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Man! That sounds like me after ACL surgery! My Pt would try to flex my knee and I'd scream bloody murder. I'm about to teach, but if you searcg this forum for "foam roller" you can see some quad stretches that will help. If you are a supporter, the "healing the body " article in the supporter's lounge has a description of this.
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