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"Crunch" is not a good sound - photo added

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Yesterday, before the end of the season blow-out at the on-hill restaurant where Mrs. Gadget works, I decided to spend some time in the terrain park at The Canyons. Admittedly, I had only skied through the park on one other ocassion.

Friday they plowed the pipe under and built a fairly large jump in its place; I made one lap through just to get a feel for the place. I had under-estimated one of the upper jumps on that first lap and had a nice double eject landing. I promptly reminded myself of the basics of jumping and skied to the pipe jump, but I didn't carry quite enough speed to clear the gap. On the out-run I made a couple of turns to scrub-off some speed before hitting the last jump and landed it with a smile.

Lap two: I was feeling much more comfortable on the upper jumps and I waited for my turn to hit the pipe jump. When my turn came I was going much faster when I hit the lip - I timed the pop right, kept my hands quiet and foward and stuck the landing. I don't know how far I flew, but it felt great.

I should have scrubbed some (more) speed off before hitting the final jump, but I didn't. I hit the jump and everything that could have gone wrong did. I was ragged as hell, a flying starfish. I landed on my tails and both skis immediately released. I jammed my right hand into the soft spring snow on impact. When I came to a stop my right hand was perpendicular to my right arm in a most unnatural position. The radius was very apparent as the skin was pulled tight over the bone.

While my injuriy was not life threatening, I knew I was in trouble. I also knew that it would be some time before I could get - no offense to the ski patrol - proper medical attention. I was concerned about blood flow to my hand and fingers, so I took my right hand in my left and gave it a good tug - better, but not enough. I pulled again and harder. I had reduced the fracture, but I still had a freakish S-bend between my arm and hand.

I put my skis back on and gingerly skied to the bottom of the run where a patroller had been made aware of my plight. In forty years of skiing and all my previous injuries, I'd never had the misfortune of riding in a tobaggan, until yesterday. We had two cars at the resort because T had to be at work early; against her protestations I drove her car and she mine. We dropped the kids and my car at home. Having missed the closing-day feast at Lookout Cabin I was starving; I ate some Easter candy and a piece of string cheese on the way to the hospital.

It's always pleasant to hear the ER nurses proclaim that your particular injury in the worst one they've ever seen. I was very fortunate that an orthopedic surgeon specializing in hands just happened to stop by the hospital and he agreed to come see me. Dr. V was a great guy with a sense of humor. Up to this point I had refused any pain meds, save the 800mg ibuprofin I swallowed at the patrol clinic. When they explained the reduction process - and at urging of my wife and now present brother - I agreed to some morphine. After drifting off to la-la land, the doc injected about a fifth of numbing agent directly into my wrist.

My wrist and arm felt 100% percent better after the doc reduced the fracture - in a manner more professional than I had been able to accomplish on the hill. Better living through chemistry, the morphine and numbing agent had surely helped my state as well. The follow-up x-rays didn't show what any of us were hoping for; Dr. V chastised me for my attempts to reduce the fracture and, more importantly, he told me my string cheese and robin's egg snack had ruled-out surgery for at least eight hours. I'm scheduled for my first ever surgery some time Wednesday morning. Yippy skippy.

On the way up to The Canyons, my kids and I were talking about what they were going to do over spring break. Oddly enough, my son - who broke his arm a couple years ago - asked me how many bones I had broken. Jinx? :

I would like to thank those of you who have already donated generously; I am still planning on riding in the MS 150 at the end of June. I won't be able to ride my bike for at least six weeks and possibly eight; so, I've made arrangements to borrow a stationary trainer so I can get enough miles in to complete the MS ride.

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ah, the wrist fracture, how i remember it well, being 7 years old and tossed from the little horsie ride in front of the grocery store. pay a quarter - "giddyup, horse!" - break your wrist.

least it's season's end. heal quick.

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I've felt your pain.
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so I took my right hand in my left and gave it a good tug - better, but not enough. I pulled again and harder.

OUCH! Hope the surgery goes well.
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I too have felt your pain-
I seriously ask you to reconsider the June ride- I am an avid rider and tried to start riding 12 weeks after a nasty wrist fracture. I don't think as nasty as yours though- I insisted, it really, really hurt and was NOT helpful in my P.T.

F/W/I/W- michael
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WoW! you could actually type all that. Couldn't be the morphine talking, either- the spelling's too good.
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I haven't previously pledged -- but I'll pledge $25 if you do the ride -- AND $50 IF YOU DON'T! It hurts just thinking about it ...

On the other hand, WWTHD ("what would Tyler Hamilton do?")
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Heal soon and take it easy. You don't want to have to see my Wife (her ears are probably burning right about now).

She's a hand Therapist.

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Sign me up for a pledge:
-If your Doctor reccomends you ride and you do $25.00.
-If your Doctor reccomends against and you abide by the reccomendation, $25.00
-If your Doctor reccomends against the ride, but you ride anyway, ZERO!!!

Please take care and get well for next season. Thank goodness its spring.
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PS re my pledge -- it's a small price to pay for a story that will keep me off of jumps for a long long time. Hope it heals quickly and cleanly.
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Inspector, I'm really sorry to hear about your injury. Take your time, heal right and don't rush into anything, which might exacerbate or worse, re-injure you. I’m sure I speak for many here when I say that we’re all going to be thinking of you at time of your surgery.
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How's this for a drug. I leaned too far back dropping in a pool (skateboarding) june 1979 - envsion, for a split second in time, the back of your hand against the top of your forearm; i.e. your wrist flexed backwards 180 degrees.

It's been 25 years but as best it was explained to me they gave a drug that would make me "forget" instantly the hour the othropedist spent putting the bones in my wrist back in place. Manually. From the outside. Good as new three months later.
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I'm having sympathy pains........ow.........

Ya gots kahunas. Heal quickly.

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Do you mean K2 Kahunas, cuz I think he skis Volkls.

Or were you saying something else? :
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PS. My pledge still stands Either way. No conditions.
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Originally posted by Xdog1:
Do you mean K2 Kahunas, cuz I think he skis Volkls.

Or were you saying something else? :
I think she means "cojones".

Let's have some pics IG. X-Rays, whatever ya got.
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She was being polite
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Unconditional pledge here, too - $25.

Dang! You broke which wrist? and you are what handed?

Been there, done that, but with the left and I'm right handed. Still a bummer. We do learn for what we use these hands.

Best wishes for a full and complete recovery, IG! Bonni was right - you do have frejoles, or whatever you call them.
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Now there is a thread! X_rays folks--lets see xrays!

Please no Cojones--or kahunas.
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Get well soon. Make sure they use Zimmer cannulated screws tomorrow..... we manufacture them at my workplace.
Post those X-ray pics!!!
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Of course I'm right handed and boogered my right wrist. And, I don't type that well with both hands, so it took me the better part of the morning to post the thread initially. I (sort of) wish I had x-rays of the wrist immediately post-crash, but I will post x-rays as soon as I am able.

Regarding the MS ride, I would like to thank those who have already donated and those who have offered to donate. I would also like to propose the following:

I will follow doctors orders, period. If that means that I am able to ride safely, then so be it, I'll ride.

If, however, the doctor recommends against riding in the MS event, I will ride 150 miles on another day to earn your pledge.

Thank you all for your support, I do appreciate it. Zimmer screws it is, thanks U.P. Racer.

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Ouch.. I have wrist pain reg... :shivers: but not like that.

Hope for the best.
Becca J
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IG, get well, in due time, please take no shortcuts. Better late and 100% than sooner and <100%.
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Hey IG weren't we talking about screws in bones last week. Sorry to jinx you, but welcome to the club.

Aren't pain med's great
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I was going to edit the original post, but I think I'll just stop bein polite and say, "Inspector, You've Got Balls!"

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IG, I hear ya on the right hand thing. Its easy to say "see you next year" to your skis since its spring, but its soooo hard to see your bike(s) hanging patiently in the basement, waiting for you to get better, all the while the sun is shining.

Take care, and heal fast.
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The bad news is you broke your wrist, The good news is at least it was at the end of the season. Take care of that arm and heal fast.
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Would Mrs.G be willing to post an update and prognosis tomorrow, then?

(Built-in gadgets. Cool.)
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Originally posted by comprex:
Would Mrs. G be willing to post an update and prognosis tomorrow, then?

Not likely, that would mean telling Mrs. G where I spend my free time.

I'm first up to bat tomorrow morning - I have to be at the hospital at 6 AM. I'll post an update as soon as I am able.
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