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Narrowed down choices... need opinions.

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A week a ago I asked for advice, now I need more since I've been checking out a bit of last year's stock and the new stuff coming in at a few of the local shops.

Height - 6'4"
Weight - 195lb
Age - 23
Skier ability - Advanced, now wanting to push it further as I have more free weekends and a season's pass.
Days skied each season - 5 to 10, 15 last season, but looking to hit 30 this year due to month long Christmas break.
How long have you been skiing - 10 years off and on (depending on other sports commitments)
Where do you ski - Tremblant, but known to head over for powder days at Jay.

I thought about it... I'm not really a park person, but am very athletic (excel at 2-3 sports) and can muscle through turns. I feel very comfortable attacking ungroomed runs, but hate moguls with a passion. I also like higher speeds and am known to enjoy flight over some natural rollers. I was considering Rossi Bandit B2's, but after talking to one of the guys at the local shop, he suggested the Atomic SX10. Any others that come to mind?
Two of you came up with excellent alternatives... thanks again.

For a more all purpose ski, I've had a few shops recommend the Head Monster (72mm or 77mm waist depending on the on-piste/off-piste ratio). One shop has 2006 models for $530 USD, while another other has the 2007 models for $710USD (bindings included). It seems like the ideal solution, but...

My uber-local down-to-earth ski shop has one pair each of 2006 Atomic SX9 and SX10 in 180cm for about $445USD w/bindings. It's not the ideal all-around ski, but leaves me enough $$$ in the pocket to buy a new 2005 pair of relatively wide Armada twin tips for powder days for about $180USD and throw on the bindings I have lying around. The part that sort of seals the deal is that they accept old stuff, so I can bring in my near-mint snowboard that I've used twice and get a serious discount... maybe even cover the cost of new boots.

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Also, is the SX9 less 'hardcore' than the SX10?
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The SX9 is "less hardcore" but a skier of your size and ability would definitely not be overmatched by the SX10. I would go with the SX10s and twin tips for second skis. Why have 1 pair of skis when you can have 2? Those bindings you have lying around must look awfully lonely just sitting there by themselves :
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I would find some Metron 10's over the SX10. Much more versatile ski and with a 74 waste they are more like the Monsters you mentioned.
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If you are looking for Metron 10s check out Sierra Trading Post, they've got some with bindings for 45% off, but the longest are 174s.
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Though having compared the SX11 to the SX10 I feel the SX10 is like a V6 Mustang, it is not much easier to ski if at all. It will make you misserable if you do not already use tipping as your main form of turning. If you mostly pivot your turns, you will end up riding the ski where it wants to go and get rail-roaded straight into the bushes. It will also catch edges all over the place if your not as advanced as you think you are. On the other hand it will school you on proper technique.
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I like taking something by the scruff of its neck and getting what I want out of it. I love tipping the skis and letting them run where I want. I want to be the first one to reach the chair, but I have my days I just want to get lost in thigh deep powder at Jay. Hopefully my uber-local shop will have some 2006 Head setups left over... anything is better than the 60mm waist I have right now.
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While I love the SX11, I don't think it nor the SX10 would be a particularly good choice for thigh-deep snow. You would want something a little softer and wider for that. I'll let those more experienced with modern equipment lead you there. (maybe get SX11 for ripping the trials at Tremblant and rent at Jay?). I can say that a 208 SG is a little too stiff in the tails for the deep stuff.
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Well, getting the year-old SX10 or SX9 will allow a bit more in my budget to pick up some heavily discounted mid to high-80mm waist twintips for pow. I guess I've answered my own question, haven't I?
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