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That darn contrast.

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Sounds like you guys got your hands full today. Add the contrast to the list if you don't already know.
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Thanks, GarryZ, it's on the list!
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I'll trade you my kingdom for some higher contrast.
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I like them all except the high contrast! So these are good.
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There are some unusual characteristics and bugs that seem to have cropped up since the upgrade. Those need to be shot before we can do the contrast. Sorry...
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WHere is this list?
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Contrast is fixed. Clear your cache (hold down your shift key while you click on your browser's reload button).
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Do I have to log out first? I tried without logging out and it didn't change anything
I held shift while clicking on Mozilla and still no change. I tried it with Epic cloed and opened
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I logged out and it cleared up just fine. thanks
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I log out and I get higher contrast and then I logged back in and nothing changed. What am I doing wrong here??
2006 works and so does low contrast but high is the sme as low
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All is fine , thanks
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