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The Truth in Hunting 2006 - Page 4

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Originally Posted by Mainiac View Post
trekchick, now I know why you are so good lookin'! You're a fulsome Midwestern farmer's daughter!
Sorry, I'm not a farmers daughter,(farmers niece) but I grew up in farm country, in the excavation business doing a lot of work for farmers. I have a great deal of respect for the source of my food.

Originally Posted by Lars View Post
Farm Girls make the best Wives. My Wife was raised on a farm.

They're not afraid of hard dirty work. They are good cooks. They're strong. They hot.

Former Dairy Princess. I'm lucky.

TC is my kind of woman.
Awe Shucks! I really want to meet your wife. I'm willing to bet she is one of those women who is over fourty and still fabulous!

Originally Posted by axebiker View Post
My wife was a former reigning Wood Duck Queen!! Here's to the farm girls!!
Originally Posted by Mainiac View Post
Yep, agreed Lars and axebiker, I done married one too!
I think you guys are on to something. Country Girls, in general, are an amazing source of fun!
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Almost Ski Time!

Late season whitetail hunting can be tough. But this year, with the unusually warm weather through most of prime time November, December is off to a good start, and the cold is the reason. November was ok, but the heat did slow hunting….I was wearing a bush jacket and camo tee last week!

I threw away my coffee at 06:15 and began the long trek to the hardwood bottoms. One curious deer, near the tote road, moved off about halfway in. The reason I move at near daylight is not to bump any critters heading to bedding areas…nothing worse than does blowing at you before the hunt is even on….

Time was 07:00…before I got to my climber overlooking the South creek…I put a piece of cloth soaked with Tinks 69 doe in estrus on a shoulder height branch. I proceeded up the tree…about 2/3 of the way I heard a deer coming in…..I climbed the last ten feet to my perch in some branches. Downwind of the Tinks, a buck slowly walked over the wet leaves toward the soaked cloth. The shot looked easy, but his shoulder was behind a tree…I touched off and was a little far back…..the buck took off running east …as he turned I watched him race by and could see the blood plume…..he kept going east and I heard no crash so I knew I had gut shot him.

After the shot I heard other animals running south across the creek…time was around 07:30.

About half an hour later another buck, a six point, began cautiously moving out of the bottoms toward the bait…..I had a clear shoulder so I touched off….through the scope I could see him kick like a mule, rear and run to the bottoms…but I heard him crashing and knew he was down.

At 09:00 I decided to look for the first buck. There was plenty of blood; the watery blood of a stomach wound. I followed the trail east to a game crossing at the creek. I teetered over it on a huge downed tree, and followed the trail as far as I could….it ended at the base of a large wooded plateau. I was well south of my land, so I decided to give up the search. I hate loosing an animal.

When I got back to my stand I went over to the small tree with the Tinks cloth and packed it…I wanted some does. I walked back to the tree and proceeded to climb…..about halfway up I happened to look northeast, and a deer, some 70 yards off, had been watching me climb….before I could blink he was off....as he ran through the pines and scrub you could see brown flashes of his cape from the low southerly sun.

The wind came up around 11:00, so I decided to call it quits and haul the six pointer to the tote road.

The cold has obviously started a second rut, as shown by the love mad critters.

Now that was a good morning!
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Exciting day Maniac. Mine was very similar. Awoke this morning to a dusting of snow and temps in the 20's. Totally different from the 60 degree weather we've had the whole season. Most everyone here is tired of hunting in crappy weather and after the past two weeks of season, the deer have gone mostly nocturnal. My Son woke me up early with the news of the snow and said a couple of his buddies were coming over to hunt. So I agreed it might be good but my comittment to my loving Wife to put up the Christmas Tree we cut yesterday would only allow me to hunt till noon. The first drive only yielded a glimpse of a waiving tail but on the second drive behind my house in the big woods really got deer moving everywhere but no bucks of any size to kill. I've seen a nice ten point a few times and haven't had a good shot at him. Noon came around quickly and we walked back to the garage where I told the boys I'm done. The boys decided to continue the pursuit of Bambi so I gave them my best idea of where a few good spots might yield some deer. Told them to hit some outlying red brush areas and edges of fields with hedgerows and be sure to beat the hedgerows. Their first stop on the far edge of the field across the road was a good one. My Son Eric was walking into a hedgerow near some slash that the guys were going to push when the big boy jumped up and scooted. By the time he got into position for a shot all he could see was antlers and head going away. He got off a couple shots with the second shot dropping the buck. After a few steps toward the downed deer he got up and bolted towards the big woods. He got off another shot but the deer was last seen exiting the goldenrod into the Maplewood and security. He waited for his friends to reach him and as I've taught him wisely, let the deer go for a half hour so he can lay up. They tracked him for close to a half mile with blood trail and bits of bone in spots but the deer never laid down. They lost it's tracks near a creek and a large area of turkey scratchings. Finally giving up, they came back here and called it quits. As it was shot going away, I'm guessing it's a$$ shot or hit high in the rear quarter and that's a recepie for an endless plight chasing a wounded deer. Tomorrow, I'll take a hike in that area and hopefully find a real sore or dead deer as he'll probably not last more than a few days if that. He says it is the same big one we've been hunting this year so he's worth looking for.
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Wow, Lars, sound like you have some healthy critters up there! Must have been a pretty tough animal! Sounds like you have a pretty spread... be sure to post the pix if you find Mr. Big.....
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Shotguns with sabot slugs don't pack the wallop that rifles do. It happens a few times that a good hit doesn't kill clean.

I'll be sure to post pictures of this one. Eric says it's at least a ten point and 180lbs.
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Mainiac and his BIG gun

Sorry, I saw this and couldn't resist
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....to the Dueling Banjos music of Deliverance.....
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