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Shared ski film footage?

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I just bought the DVD of Cold Fusion and watched it (kick ass, especially the sequence with Plake and Co. and the Aerials) but I noticed something strange. A few of the scenes I have seen in trailers for other films by other companies, like the scene where the guy did the rotated backflip across the gap with the helicoptor in the forground, I've seent that in a TGR trailer (not sure which, think it was Addiction), and in the new school rail sliding sequence i saw footage of a skier grinding across a long walkway rail and the camera man was on a bridge that ran parallel to the rail being grinded and the skier jumped off just in time to hop across a road (know what I am talking about?) but I have also seen that scene in a trailer for Poor Boyz's Propaganda!

In fact looking again, there are a lot of scenes that are shared and I see one that I know was shot by warren because in the back ground of the TGR tralier I can see Warren's Nissan Pathfinder!

What's up with that? Do the different skier's get to use whatever footage is shot of them for any film they are in?
Just wondering...
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I can vouch for that too.. I own a couple matchstick flicks and a couple TGRs and I know that the films share a couple of shots here and there. I can't provide any concrete examples (I'm at work, and don't have the movies here) but I know that every once in a while you see a trick from a slightly different angle, where the guy is wearing the same clothes pulling the same trick at what appears to be the same place and time.. Interesting..
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yeah it would be interesing to find out....
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