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Kid's ski boot sizing

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I looks like I will be buying my 5 (soon 6) year old's boots online since the two ski shops in our area have limited young kid's stuff. They don't have anything to try on. I would need to special order from them at full retail, so I may as well order myself online.

The sizing for kid's boots is a bit confusing to me since my son isn't in a "1" yet. He is 12-13 kids. What the heck is that in mondo sizing? Should I downsize like I do ofr myself?

Any tips are appreciated! Thanks!
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My daughter is a 13 kids, and wears an 18 mondo in Lange.
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The sizes can be pretty variable. When my daughter was trying on boots last year, she was a 14.5 in one brand and 15.5 in another. Don't you have any other shops around? Ski Swaps?
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Mondo sizing

A "one" isn't anything in Mondo sizing. Mondo sizing is another way of measuring foot length and is the length of the foot in centimeters. Most adult boots run fairly true to Mondo size. If you measure 26 you will wear a 26 ski boot. But some kids boots are overly long.Best way is to get to a shop with boots and try on the shell.

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