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SX-B5 length selection

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I've got the drop on a pair of SX-B5's in either 166cm or 174cm at the right price & I'm after advice from existing users re length selection as I'll have to do the deal this weekend if I want them.

I skied the 166cm for a few runs a few weeks ago on one of the UK's indoor 'real snow' slopes but a 120m blue/green run isn't the best indicator.

I'm 5'9"/200lbs (working hard for 185/190!) & currently have 162cm Metron B5's & 175cm M:EX's, both of which are spot on for me.

I'm thinking 174cm?
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Based on your info, I'd go 174.
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Thanks flenn, that's what I was thinking - you now how it is sometimes when you make up your mind & then the nagging doubts start?

I've just seen from your other thread that you've plenty of experience with this ski so I appreciate your insight.
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I'm 6 ft 175 lbs. and have this ski in a 174 cm. I have a pair of 164 SL 11 so I didn't think I wanted my "big ski" in a 168 cm. Very pleased with this skis great edge hold . Very stable, but easy to turn . I haven't come close to finding the top end on this ski. I got mine cheap late last year.Lots of ski for the money. I think you will be pleased.
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