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What's in your pack?

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Just wondering what everyone carries in their packs whether it be big mountain, or wherever?

I usually have a thin warm layer in case. Some water. Maybe a cliff bar or two. Camera, which rarely comes out(friends don't like to stop). Keys, Cell phone.

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Water, of course. Camera, if it's not in my jacket pocket. Another fleece, a granola bar or trailmix of some sort. My cellphone and a radio. Contact case, multitool/knife for any random thing. Watch, if I'm not wearing it. Sunglasses, trail maps, whistle/compass and alot of other things. I have too much in there.
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I keep room for a jacket change, dry gloves, goggles opposite of what I am wearing, a Camel back water system, Sunglasses, 6 to 8 miniatures of good tequila or some tequila rose, and the most important of all a Torch lighter, a bic lighter for backup, a cigar cutter and a 4 Cigar Case loaded with Cuban cigars. Life is good on the mountain.
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usually just my cammelback. if its going to be a longer day ill toss that in with a nalgene. Other than that its the usual stuff: wallet if its not in my pants, keys, cell, sandwich, and normally some TP. Never know when you gotta go
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Cammelback, Leatherman ( Suprising how many times my cable lock has refused to open and had to be cut) Xtra layers if I expect it to get colder or empty space if it's gonna get warmer,a lite lunch head covering ( I'm almost bald on top) Goggles, if they aren't on already. Most essentials I carry in my jacket, lock, insulin test kit, candy bar,lens cloth.
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Water (platypus)! Probe, shovel. Extra layer. Lunch. Leatherman tool. First aid kit. Warm mitts. Cellphone.

Radio and camera need to be in my jacket for easy access

If touring, skins, chocolate, sunglasses and beanie hat for uphill. Compressed down jacket. Cramps, ski cramps and ice axe depending on terrain. On glaciers rope and handy extras (essentials are on the harness).
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CammelBack, extra goggles, gloves, light jacket, hat for when i take my helmet off, cramp-ons, Cliff bars, and Duct tape (dont laugh u never know), lighter, small first-aid kit, leatherman, & a shovel on the back.
I keep my phone and camera in my pockets.
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