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Ski Poles Reviews?

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Where can I find ski poles reviews? I have searched through's archive but did not find much.

I even goggled 'ski pole review' with little results.

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I don't think anyone reviews poles. When I was looking for reviews last year I was basically told a pole is a pole. Some are slightly lighter and some are slightly stronger, but they all perform pretty much the same, so no one bothers reviewing them.

I ended up getting some really nice Leki's on clearance - they have the velcro straps that attach around your gloves and clip into the pole.
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These may help.

However, I have used the Leki Alu/Carbon Viper poles with the trigger strap release for the past 5 years with great satisfaction. They are light, swing easy and the trigger strap release has saved my thumbs more than a few times.
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I've used Goode Carbon Composite poles for the least 3 years (Scott graphite poles before that which were all right too). The Goode's are the best pole I've ever skied with and you can actually feel the difference in your shoulders after a full day. I think they are about $125 retail but I got them at a ski show for a bout half of that...
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Goode ftw
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Well that’s a bummer. This is an area the needs more reviewing.

From what I have found so far some composite poles are more flexible and can snap easier, where as the aluminum types are stronger but heavier? Also what is 7075 series alloy? Are foam grips better than rubber?

I am also interesting in knowing if an ice tip is worth something or not? Most basic type pole do not have an ice tip?

As an intermediate level skier I have used most basic type poles and I am not sure if it’s worth upgrading to an expensive pole just for all the pretty colors, or if I would be getting a better quality ski pole that would benefit me.
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The composite pole's greatest attraction is lighter weight. Aluminium poles don't seem heavy, but after skiing a day using composite poles you realize that all that arm swinging doesn't tire you out anymore. I didn't realize my shoulders were getting tired when I used Aluminium poles until I started using composite poles! They also make wrist flicks so much easier.

Aluminium poles will also bend. Personally I HATE bent and re-bent poles. Looks like @ss. Composite poles will snap back to shape. I've never broken a pole btw.

Unlike skis or boots, a good pair of poles will last you forever (or until someone steals your beautiful poles when you're having lunch...).
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I've broken two, at the same time too.... I still cringe thinking about it It was a pair of sg Swix carbon poles, very expensive but I'd gotten them used from a race at a decent price. Was sitting in a chairlift with some friends and we were all busy looking at some guy on the side of the lift, I was on the far side and leaning forward. Nobody noticed it was time to get off, and the poles were pointed forward and snapped right off against the pressure of a Poma pushing onto the step-off ramp....

Anyway: I've had some Swix Cobras since then, they're going on 5 seasons now and still good as new. Love'em, will never go back to aluminium (except for BC telescope poles, a bent pole is better than 2). Like Mithras said, a composite will not stay bent, it'll snap back or break completely. The latter is very unlikely unless you abuse them very hard... pay attention in chairlifts
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Originally Posted by Amish View Post
Goode ftw
Haha, you're recommending poles now!? I'm not finding the ftw model on their website.
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Originally Posted by telerod15 View Post
Haha, you're recommending poles now!? I'm not finding the ftw model on their website.
Hey just because I haven't used poles doesn't mean I can't recommend them!

Actually if this forum has tought me anything in my short time here its that I could become a better skier with poles than with out them. Also when I decided to buy poles I read everything I could find on them and Goode poles were highly recommended by others at this site and from the reviews I've read they are a fantastic pole.

I haven't used mine yet though....

ftw = for the win.
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Reddog. poles don't matter much. They won't make you ski better or worse. I use alumium poles and break them regularly. I have a pair of carbon poles which I am saving until I get good (ie. when I'm no longer skiing over my pole or planting my pole on the other side of the tree I'm trying to go around. I use my Life-link cabon probe poles after I break a metal pole until I can buy some new cheap alu ones.
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I like the Leki Viper Aeros that I got last year. The Leki Trigger system is the bomb, and the Vipers are half-alu, half-composite, which is a nice design. Highly recommended!

Reviews are difficult, since I've never seen poles offered at a consumer demo.
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I don't see the need at all.

Has anyone here had their skiing change markedly by getting new poles? As long as they are the right length and a have good grip, if your blaming your poles, it ain't the poles.
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But Tief that's not wht a review is for.
How do you like them ?
What do they feel like
Would you recommend them?
Poles play an important role in skiing. we use them for long periods of time and they vary greatly
I bought poles on ssh's recommendations and am very pleased with them.
Leki Vision w/trigger. composite poles.
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I bought a pair of Goode Carbon poles back in 93. Last year I bought a set of the Leki trigger grips and put them on the Goodes. I like them a lot.
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Been using Goodes for about 12 years now, There was a huge difference coming from aluminum. On hard snow and in the bumps there is much more absorbsion and less fatiuge. At speed they are much more aerodynamic with less wind resistance. I know I won't go back to aluminum.
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I have some cheap Swix Impulse aluminum poles. I like them. They don't feel too heavy, they help me out in lft lines, and stick into the snow quite nicely on pole plants. That's about all I ask of them. Would I be happier with lighter composite poles? maybe, but seeing as these work fine I can't justify springing for them. Unless...maybe...a really cheap pair will show up on SAC. I'm a sucker for that crap.
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From my experience I wouldn't recommend spending much money on ski poles unless they're stronger.
This means getting carbon poles however, because aluminum poles WILL snap when getting caught in say, a chairlift, and they WILL bend when used. Myself, I use the cheapest carbon fibre posts I found on sale (20 Chfr).
Just mind that the poles do not have an alloy inner tube - this will weaken the pole as the lack of the alloy's flexibility must be compensated by the fibre's pull strength, like on a bicycle.
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I prefer poles that easily bend back into something resembling a strait line after I have landed on them with my butt
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