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Skiing anyone?

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I live near Santa Cruz, Calif. and I'm looking for a skiing partner. I'm retired and I can go mid-week, but skiing alone is a drag. About me: I've been skiing since 1972 and I've skied all over the West and some "back East" (where I first learned). I'm married, but my wife doesn't have any interest in skiing, so I have to go solo. I can keep pace with just about anybody, but I prefer to avoid sustained bump skiing and I don't want to do anything crazy, just have a good time. If you happen to live near me and are similarly inclined let me know.
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Welcome to Epic! I lived in Aptos for about 15 years growing up. Moved East for college and got trapped there for the next 18 years. Busted out with my wife who got me into skiing and rolled to Utah. I know there's a few people on the board who live in the Santa Cruz area. Hopefuly they'll see this.
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Welcome to the forum Aptos,
I'm not from CA but am retired and have a flexible schedule. Maybe we could meet sometime in CO for a few turns. The solo drive to CO doesn't bother me but skiing alone leaves something to be desired.
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I learned to ski while I was working back East, in Washington, D.C. We drove up to Killington in Vermont, where I went through the five-day, "graduated-length" course. My first wife couldn't take the course at that time because she was pregnant with our first child. The next year, we went back and she took the GLM course while I had another week of lessons. Learning to ski changed my outook, with "quality of life" becoming more important to me than career (or at least, more important than a career as a Capitol Hill aide) and prompted us to "escape" to California in the summer of '73.
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