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Short skis....are the future

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It's happened.

For this ski season, the longest ski Head makes is a 191. Head will produce just one ski longer than 180.

If I get a new pair this year (and the chances are good, because Head has this way of getting me to spend money - every friggin year) my ski will be a 184. So I guess the jokes on me - "Are those your little sisters skis".

It's good for the business, the shorties. And yes, the shorties are the future. :

Now will somebody do me a favor and sell some lessons!


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Yeah - 2+ years ago, I went from 195's to 180's. (Fifteen years ago, I went from 205's to 195's, but that's another story.) My next pair of skis will be 170cm max! The cool thing is, you don't need ski racks anymore - you can throw 'em right in the car (though my Dad had a '65 Oldsmobile 98 that could fit 205's in the trunk)!
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love my wide-in-the-middle 177's...
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I love my narrow in the middle 160s. Slim profiles give you quickslither strokability.
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quickslither strokability. okay then.
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I think you all are being marketed.

Still on the 200 AK Rockets and 190 CrossMax 10s and loving them.
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Short skis are a faze we are going through!

Each person is trying to come to grips with their identity through "accepting" short skis. Keep resting the tails of those short skis on the toes of your boots! The ski makers want to sell a new series of skis. Sure they are responsive and fun and easy and all that stuff.

Admitted too, competition takes special tools, We do not drive a Lola to the grocery!

I enjoy the sinuous,snakey feel of a long ski finding it's path through a series of bumps. Flexing smoothly up through powder. (Getting hung up on a f****** tree branch... bummer). And when things speed up,....well, there you go.

For me, I will not look to replace those sensations.

Long sword or short, Pick your tools!

There are no right answers, just intelligent choices.

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Marketed? You should know better Lucky!

Can it be that short skis are easier to handle and the stability they give up is acceptable for most people in most situations? Remember that half the continent skis in the East, where a 200cm ski is as useless as skiboards in Alaska. [img]smile.gif[/img]
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Originally posted by nolo:
I love my narrow in the middle 160s. Slim profiles give you quickslither strokability.
Nolo, I certainly respect where you're coming from but gotta disagree here.

Quickslither strokability is definitely fun but fat-stable recoverability is more my cup of tea. And while some might laugh, they actually still slither with some degree of alactrity.
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you have a point, of course. and while i DO enjoy my shortfats, my appreciation for my longer, gs-styled skis is not lessened. simply, i had a good ski experience on the length-challenged skis to the degree that i WILL bring them along; but they won't be alone in the ski bag.

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Well, you gotta have a quiver.

I'll keep my long boards (190, that's long? Sheesh!) for big snow days, but I'll admit, I'm kinda looking forward to some 184's.

Who'da thunk?

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well, I have to admit that this season I made the switch from Kneissel 178s to my Soloman Crossmax 150s !!!... (don't worry I am only 162cm tall anyway before you all gasp!...5"2/3??)

I was really worried about how short they were because I had skied on some cheaper Heads (can't remember the model) 160s and I didn't feel safe on them at all. They wobbled and jittered the whole time and I didn't like speed on them AT ALL.... not so for my new Crossmaxes, they are a DREAM, they carve through the snow on a knife edge and give great stability plus they have lots of speed (this might have something to do with the fact that they weigh more than me!) and I love them.
I haven't abandoned my long skis, I just select the ski according to my moods now...quick turns- long skis, playing around and having fun - short skis... [img]smile.gif[/img]

Who says you have to limit yourself to one type of ski anyway!!! [img]tongue.gif[/img]
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One ski, one tool. Same ski it's been for a lifetime. A ski you know so well, you finish its sentences.
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Yeah, WTG, so do mine...

Me: "I'm..."

Me: "Ahhhh, a perfect powder day"
Skis: "...and he doesn't have a clue what to do"

Me: "These skis will do me for 3 or 4 years"
Skis: "Yeah, it'll take you 3 years of lessons before you can handle them"

Me: "argh! That skier doesn't have a clue what he's doing"
Skis: "So, you've met your twin brother"


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Hey, Nolo, since I weigh about twice what you do, is it OK if I ride an unslithery 181?
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I am reminded of something a horse trainer told me:

"People think they have horse problems. I think that horses mostly have people problems." He called himself a people trainer. He's also an outstanding ski coach, as Gonzo will attest, and has, of course, many times...

When you are in love with a ski, it is the best ski in the world. Everyone else is blind!

I understand that not everyone is going to love the ski I love. But I assert my right to say that this narrow waisted hardcore chick's ski is the finest ride I have had since my Mod-Xs, which of course I have kept, along with my Kahunas and shorty Merlin slaloms, along with my Fattys and Big Feet, and oh yes, my old 710's mounted to sturdy 3-pins for the next time I get bored with riding either my freesytle or carving snowboards.

I love them all and would never sell them to the glue factory.
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Nolo, It's the same with dog training. After about two weeks in a puppy obedience class I said to the intructor, "It's not the dogs that are getting trained is it?" She just smiled and walked away.
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You can cut, ride, glide, slither, and slide on whatever you choose. You ARE a big boy.
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Fox, you have one obnoxious, smartmouth pair of skis! I would never let my skis talk to me like that. I hope this isn't a pattern for you. I suggest you immediately get on your indoor ski slope and work this out!
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My folks showed standard poodles in the AKC when I was growing up. I had to marvel at the exquisitely trained humans in the championship ring! The dogs were dolled up to the nines and their masters looked like they were "rode hard and put up wet."

My own dogs are hopeless unless they are chasing cows, then they outperform any human/horse combo on the ranch. No one taught them. They were born with the skill. They're heelers.

UPS people do not like heelers, but it's fun to watch them do the two-step from their truck to the front porch.
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i must interrupt and suggest to those dog folks who have not seen it to rent and view Best in Show. you will relate, and you will laugh.

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I hef said if biefore und i vill say it again:


Get a pair of 223s you friggin gapers. Let a real man like Arnold show you how to ski.
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That's three Arnie posts in a row I've seen with phallic references. Whaddup widdat?
(Uh, ne'ermind. Rhetorical question.)
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Remember that half the continent skis in the East, where a 200cm ski is as useless as skiboards in Alaska.
For many years, I skied on 205cm GS skis at places like Stowe, Killington and Mt. Snow in Vermont as did many other skiers. They were not useless and a lot of folks skied on even longer skis.

That it is easier for most skiers to negotiate typically arrow New England slopes on short skis is a given. That ski technology has improved is also a given. However, 200cm skis are hardly as limited as the author of the above comment suggests. In fact they were a lot of fun. [img]smile.gif[/img]
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Best in the show, our Zelda

Best in show. What a movie!
"I'll guess we'll sleep in the janitors closet then."

Watch your language - there's women here.

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Awwww. What a cute puppy! Plenty of skin to grow into and great soupy eyes.
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I skied on 160's all last season. I am looking at a pair of 155 Fischer World Cup SC's that are sitting here unmounted ready for next year.

I can still "go fast" on the short skis, I simply can't go straight! One has to pay a little more attention to what your doing on a short ski. I had a couple of very weird, very fast falls while "cruising" on a FLAT ski. Those big tips (123cm on the Fischer and 100cm plus on the SL9 or Mach S) diverge very easily and quickly UNLESS the ski is on edge.

SCSA I hope you'll try a 160 cm carving ski. They are a hoot! Long for me now is a pair of 174 cm Enemies that are in a word boring.
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Short skis are the future? I thought they were the present...

It wasn't that long ago that I retired my 207 GS Skis. Bonnie went from 185s to 175s to 160s in the last two years and skis a lot better on the 160s.

I have skis ranging from 177 to 218 and they're all fun to ski on even on the "ice coast". Will they get bigger or shorter in the future? Who cares, they work great now, and yep, theyre gettin' short.
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Y'all don't suppose it's possible that yer overthinking this, do ya?
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Originally posted by Rusty Guy:
Those big tips (123cm on the Fischer and 100cm plus on the SL9 or Mach S) diverge very easily and quickly UNLESS the ski is on edge.
123 centimeter tips? They're actually almost as wide as they are long? That has to be a interesting sensation. Kinda like skiing on two saucers...

In all seriousness, I fell in love with a pair of 160cm Atomic Beta Race 9.16s late this season, and skied them every day except for powder days. They handle upper-moderate speed well (as long as they're on edge) and make turns in a carve you used to do in a skid. I have a pair of 150cm Atomic 9.12s on the way for next season, so you could say I'm hooked. They don't do everything well, but what they do is more than enough fun for those days when the steep and deep aren't available. Then again, they were a lot of fun in the chutes...
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