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It looks like this Ski season is on again for me (and my wife). I have received my clearance to ski this winter from my doctor. Not sure at what level I will be skiing at (maybe just groomed blue), but just being able to get out after my accident last year (broken pelvis, broken shoulder, dislocated AC, and damaged MCL) is great. Its been a long summer being limited as to what I can do, I have started going to a gym to at least attempt to get back into some what of ski shape and trying to lose the 15lb that I found. My wife did say she would wait for me at the bottom of the runs or she will just meet me at the car at the end of the day. I have found that it takes a lot longer to heal when you are 57 then it did at 27. We have our condo rented January through March in Silverthorne and our Colorado passes all ready to go. I think I am looking forward to this more than ever this year. I have had to try to explain to friends why I would even think about skiing again. It is hard to tell people that have never ski or just skied once the feelings you get from skiing. That is what is so good about Epicski a group of people that understand and know what its like to totally enjoy skiing. Looking forward to a great ski season no matter what level I will be skiing at. Hope everyone has a great year and that everyone gets through it with only minor bumps and bruises.
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Thanks for the inspirational story, Sgt21. Here's to an epic season for you and your wife, in complete health.
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I wish you nothing but the best rush you can get from skiing, my friend. Ease into it soft and slow, and end your season at the top of your game.:
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Sgt21, why not join the Let's Go Colorado 2.5 festivities?! Uncle Louie throws a heck of a party and you could meet some very nice folks who share your passion for the snow! Check out the threads under the Meet on the Hill Forum--it's a lot of fun for folks of all skill levels! Maybe stick around for Let's Go Colorado III too!
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Way to go, SGT! Touch base when you get to Summit County, and we can talk about some more post rehab fitness options !
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