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Atomic boot questions

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I'm looking to replace my 6 year old XWave 10s and tried on several boots (Salomon Gun, XWave 10, Dalbello Krypton, Tecnica Diablos) before coming across the Atomic M100s. The Atomics seem to be a good fit for me (narrow heel, average forefoot) and I'm trying to learn a bit more about them. I'm a level 8+ skier, 6'1", 190 lbs who likes to ski soft stuff but still likes to carve up the groomers sometimes. Any help you can provide is much appreciated (Jeff has already given me some direction this year)!

1. Is there much (any?) difference between the 2006 and 2007 models other than the model numbers (M9 -> M90 and M10 -> M100)?

2. Is there a difference in the Atomic liners between half sizes (26.0 vs. 26.5)? Or is it just more material in the boot board or foot bed?

3. Subjective question: is the M9/M90 going to be too soft for fast skiing on groomers? Not hard-core racer fast but citizen racer fast.

4. Subjective question: I have a line on a pair of '06 M9s for a little under $300. The M100s fit great but they're over $550. The M9s seem like a great deal as long as I'm not giving up too much on flex. Hard to believe the M100s could be worth an extra $250?

Thanks again for your help. The Atomics are the first boots I've tried on that seem to fit evenly all around my foot. Wouldn't have tried them without the feedback on this site!
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My understanding is that all atomics change shell size on the whole size except the Btech series. You will probably give up a little in flex from the 100 to the 9, but it may not be enough to justify to yourself spending the 250 extra. Look at the bladders in both as this sometimes justifies extra for me, along with external cuff adjustments. I don't have last years tech manual, but this years M series changes cuff adjustments between the 110 and the rest, with liners changing between the 110, 100, and the 90. The liner in the 90 is built more for comfort than performance, so it will be made of softer material. The 90 is still a good performing boot. Fit is the most important consideration. Later, RicB.
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Thanks for your response, Ric, I appreciate it. I found a pair of 9s to try on and I think I like the 10s/100s quite a bit better.

I'm trying to figure pack-out into the sizing equation and tried the 100s in a 26.0 (307 sole length) and a 25.5 (297). My toes just barely brush the ends with my footbeds in the 26. In the 25.5s they don't come off the ends (without my footbeds because they won't fit without trimming). Otherwise the fit felt good in the 25.5s.

Does anyone know if I can expect to gain enough length due to pack-out to make the smaller size work? Or, if the M100s will allow for some punching to extend the toe box slightly? Unfortunately the bootfitter I want to use is not back yet or I could ask him these questions...

I'm kind of shocked that I could get in to the 25.5 since my foot measures out at around 273 mm. There was maybe a finger's width in the shell fit.

Thanks for your help!
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