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New Skis - Rust?

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Hi all,

I am a fairly new skier (a handful of casual seasons), and I just purchased a new pair of Metron M9 skis (I bought the 157s last season, decided to move up to the 164s). They and the bindings appear to be in fine condition in most respects, except for one -- on one edge near the top of one of the skis, there are a few blotches of rust, running intermittently along a stretch of about 5 or 6 inches. The other ski has one fingernail width blotch of rust in the same region. (The rust in question somehow developed under the shrink wrap, since the plastic covering that part of the edge is also stained.)

I bought these on eBay, from the very same seller in Montreal from I bought the 157s last season (which needless to say had no such problem). He has a 14 day return policy.

My question is: Are these small bits of rust anything to worry about? Will they affect the performance or lifetime of the ski? There isn't a whole lot of it, but it is definitely noticeable, so I'm just slightly concerned.

Thanks much for any advice.

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This is nothing to worry about. My assumption of the situation is that some moisture got onto the edges before being shrink wrapped and when the moisture dissipated, the rust developed. I had the same thing happen to my skis, last season. Just get a sharpener or take them to a shop and it will come right off.
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Thanks, Brett. Apologies to forum folks in general, forgot to search on this -- just found a couple more threads re rust and got the sense that small amounts can come off without too much difficulty.

Guess I just didn't expect to see it on brand new skis -- whether or not that is uncommon, sounds like it shouldn't be too big a deal.
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It is common, even on new skis, but it's nothing to worry about, as Brett says.
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Just ski them and the rust comes right off. When I'm lazy I barely even scrape my wax off, I just ski it. If you really want to just hit it with a gummi stone.
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I'm in the same boat as you AdamO, so to speak.

I bought some Blizzard Titan 8's from a shop in New England this summer. The tips on both were a bit rusted, but the rest of the edges all the way down to the tails were fine.

They're currently awaiting mounting, so I'll have the rust taken care of when I get them fully set-up. Figured there wasn't any pitting, plus it's the tips where the ski rounds up and doesn't so much touch the ground...
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