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Union Cadet Snowboard Bindings

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Don't know much about these bindings but they look pretty ill. One of my friends thinks one of the screws looks pretty sketchy, so I decided to ask if anybody has ridden with these before. If so, drop a brief review and if they are worth the money or not.

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OMG - mens bindings that are white and PINK! Somebody has a screw loose! Or were you referring to the screw on the toe strap?

Is this a new fashion trend I missed out on?
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I feel sick..

By ill, did you mean that sick to the stomach feeling you get after looking at them?
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Haha, they'd look cool with my board, so I was wondering if they were any good. If they are bad than there's no way I'd get them, and I'll probably go with some black Rides.
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I've got no personal experience with them, but their web site talks a good game re the quality of materials.

Yawn! (sorry) Maybe a year from now someone who's ridden them will speak up on this thread.
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I ride Union Data bindings. Best bindings I've ever used, and when I got them last year they were a first year product. Made it through over 100 days last season and didn't come close to stripping a ladder or breaking a buckle. Other brands last me at most a month. Everything is built very solid and i could tell the tolerances were very tight. Didn't break anything in a whole season. My last new bindings 2 seasons ago were Burton Mission Ols. By January of that year I had already gone through 2 base plates, 3 highbacks and countless buckles and ladders. Burton bindings are awful in terms of durability, but I will admit they feel pretty good.
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