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Supporter question

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Okay, I'm an idiot. I signed up to be a supporter and used the paypal option to make my payment but I think I forgot to use my username to identify the supporter. So what do I do now?

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Send Nolo a PM
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Just send another 20 and we will make sure it gets applied

I will pass this along. Thanks for your support.
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FYI, I can handle the transaction without a username IF the email for the PayPal is the same as the email used when registering at epicski. If not, I have to send an email to the address you gave PayPal to ask for your username. If that's not your email address, and the person doesn't pass the request along, I have to wait to hear from you.
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Nolo, EpicSki's very own puzzle master, ski guru, teacher, confidant, mentor, sage, and all around good sport. Now that's a lot o hats.

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You know I love ya, Mark!
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