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Bring it on!

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Wolf Creek Pass summit about 2:00 PM today. More snow expected this weekend..

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wheeeeee! Maybe we'll actually have a season this year!
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Yo! If that's snow there, then what's this stuff here? :

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carvemeister, either that's snow too; or its one heck of a odd place to put your cocaine.
either way, it looks great to skiers and coke addicts !
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Looking at those photos (and the little metal triangle thing sticking up) I'd say they were taken about 40 feet apart :

Get some you southwestern deserve it
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same photo reversed. you can tell from the indentations on the bank.
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wow...looks like a good snowfall. I think there is a little too much hype over the whole El Nino thing.
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24" storm total... Wolf Creek pulls a huge snow bonus from El Nino. I'll be skiing there soon, and it won't be on a "white ribbon of death" either...

*Knocks on wood*
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Another myth, top 4 El Nino years at Wolf Creek November to March (they close early April and don't keep stats):
1983, slightly above average
1998, below average
1992, way below average
1987, below average

The tail-end of the Mexican monsoon season is not a myth though. It's enough to open Wolf Creek by Halloween about 1/3 of the time.
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Originally Posted by MisterK View Post
24" storm total... Wolf Creek pulls a huge snow bonus from El Nino. I'll be skiing there soon, and it won't be on a "white ribbon of death" either...

*Knocks on wood*
Never ski'd Wolf Creek, either stop in Taos or go on to Purgatory.

How does it compare????
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In the early season when neither of the other two are open and it's nearly 100% with all natural snow, it compares really well!

Seriously, though, it is a much smaller hill vertically than Taos or Purg. It has some hike-to terrain and is best known for its natural in-bounds, backcountry style "waterfall" area. It's known to be not steep, although you can find some short, very steep shots if you go wandering. great tree skiing and usually, wonderful, deep, dry snow. It is the southern Rockies mini-Targhee i suppose. A great place to learn to ski powder because the snow is natural and deep, but the pitches are not intimidating (as long as trees don't scare you.) It is a real mom and pop kind of resort with minimal base area (which is why I like it). Home made food in the cafeteria and a warm, community vibe.
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PS: as long as you are driving north to ski, you should consider exploring Monarch if you haven't already. It is smallish but since they opened mirkwood basin, a sweet little hike-to area, and have inexpensive cat skiing, given your profile, you might really like it too. And depending on where you're driving from, it is closer than Purg.
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THanks Mom I will look into that.

I think Cat Skiing is in the works for this year, that way my partners cannot make me climb as much.
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What Mom said. Wolf Creek is a classic glacial cirque, similar to Brighton and Alta in the Wasatch, not too different in fact from the Santa Fe Ski Basin. In other words, it's steep at the top, mostly flat at the bottom, with the exception of the Waterfall area, which is a sweet terrain bonus.

There's nothing like driving up Wolf Creek pass in October and reaching Wolf Creek ski area when all lifts are running, with an honest 40"-60" settled base after an early-season storm cycle. It could happen! It's happened before...
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