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Sugarbush: Sleazy phone/email SPAM tactics

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I know lots of Bears love the 'bush, and it sounds like I missed a good time during the NE Gathering. But it seems like the new management is doing some IMHO inappropriate email and telephonic Spam campaign to market real estate, at least based on the calls we've been getting.

{Note: I am not saying anything against whatever they are actually offering - just how they are offering it which IMHO violates the anti-telemarketing laws and potentially violates netiquette for email.)

We've been getting repeated messages on our answering machine, from *shall remain nameless* from The Lodge at Lincoln Peak. He keeps saying "I've been trying to email you but it bounces" or "I don't have your email", and goes on to say we have some great things happening here I'd like to talk about...". On his latest voicemail he went on in a whiny tone about how we should call him back either way (at a long distance number of course) for him to stop calling so we don't waste his time!

It's quite obviously to set up a sales pitch for some real estate or timeshare deal. Now Lisa and I aren't against this and in fact have looked into properties at Sunday River and Whistler in the past. But that's the point - in those cases, we *invited* the followup calls/emails.

In the case of the Bush, no such thing. In fact, LM says that the only way he could have possibly gotten her name from was filling out a customer satisfaction survey in the cafeteria, getting in return a free hot chocolate. In all the years that we've gone to ASC resorts they never did phone/email spams based on those, but it appears that the new local ownership Sugarbush has no such scruples. Plus Lisa swears she didn't put either our phone# nor eny email address on the form. We're listed, so a phonebook lookup or a google would find us, but that's not the point. Being *listed* does not imply "spam me again please sir"

Why this bugs me:

1. I get 90% SPAM now in email, and here's this guy admitting that he's trying to send us unsolicited commericial email. This isn't yet illegal (though it should be) but it's not right. They're attempting to add to the SPAM problem.

2. The existing Federal anti-telemarketing regulations ban telemarketers from leaving messages on answering machines. He's left two.

3. The existing regs say that if you are told to put someone on the do-not-call list, you must do so, immediately end the call, and can be fined (bounty of $500 paid to claimant) if you call back. Our outgoing message has right on it "if you are a telemarketer or solicitor, please put us on your Do Not Call list and hang up" yet he's twice ignored that. That makes the 2nd call a violation. (In addition to leaving even one message being a violation. You get one call "free" but you don't get any right to leave even one unsolicited message.)

4. There's some loophole saying that if a company has an existing business relationship, calls can't be considered unsolicited. But I seem to remember reading there was now case law that just because one subsidiary or department had a relationship/account, that didn't mean that every part of the company wanting to sell you something had carte blanche. Buying a lift ticket with a credit card, or filling out a lunchroom survey, doesn't create an "existing business relationship" with the Real Estate sales group. Not if you're an ethical company.

5. Every time the phone rings during a good tv show, Lisamarie yells "G-Dmit #!!%3*&". Don't need more of that [img]graemlins/evilgrin.gif[/img] even with the pause-tv PVR.

Yeah, I know. Long rant, and more effort than just telling the guy to "F off & die". But we should be aware of the business ethics of the resorts who depend on us for their very existence. I'm not saying "don't ski Sugarbush" over this one incident. But I am saying "consider their business practices". If anyone has any direct relationship with anyone in management at the 'bush, feel free to pass this on.
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Agreed that the practice is horrid. Perhaps reporting it to a number of authorities will convey the message.

We have never received voice mails here from Sugarbush real estate, and as it turns out, I've been here when they've called. I'm not interested - so I told them they're really wasting their time and annoying me. I asked to be removed from their list and have not been bothered since.

If you do speak to them by phone, spare nothing in conveying your displeasure and refer them to this thread.

By the way, you don't know for sure if it's just the caller's own method or the method of the real estate company. Report the matter to them, and if it's contrary to their policy, I expect they'd deal with it.

Moral of story, Lisa: It's well worth it to pay for the hot chocolate
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P.S. The death penalty should at least be considered for e-mail spammers.
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Oh, the humanity!

I go to their site to try to get a contact email address. Instead, I get:

<pre>The required Macromedia Flash Plugin version 4 or higher
was not found in your browser. To download it click here.
Or if you are sure you already have the Plugin, click here

And that's all. No non-Flash content whatsoever.
OK, so if I'm choosing to browse from a computer and browser that does not have Flash installed (for which there are *many* good reasons) - I can't even see any minimal content at all??

Somebody hit them with a cluebat please.

Not to mention that means all their content is likely unaccessible to people who need screen readers, and thus violates the ADA. Are they on public land at all? Somebody might want to clue in their webmaster about accessibility. Required if any part of federal money involved, and simply polite and correct even if not.

It may be a great mountain, but these guys are *really* beginning to honk me off.

Yes, I probably have almost as many computers here as Bob Barnes has skis - but most of them are either weird special purpose machines, firewalls, servers, non-windows, or ancient re-purposed "rock ski" equivalents. Such as this Pentium MMX (no bloomin' II, III, or IV) running the alpha-test version of Mozilla's new lightweight Firebird Browser. Conviently located next to my recliner [img]smile.gif[/img] Guess if I'm not running Flash 6, I shouldn't be allowed to see anything about the 'bush at all.

Who'da thunk it? You figure that any area in the Mad River Valley should allow the cyberspace equivalent of a single chair to browse it :
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chill out dude!!!
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