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El Nino

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anyone else heard about us having a warm winter due to the el nino weather pattern?
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Oh goody. Heavy Snowfall in Texas.:
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Mabye New Mexico can make up for last year's dismal snowfall.
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A quick reaction:

Noooooooooo!!!!!: : : : :
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I have heard that El Nino can be good. At least in the NE...if the El Nino is weak then that often produces a snowy winter. If the El Nino is strong that spells a mild winter. So hope the El Nino is weak...
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The most recent published MEI value is still in the mild El Nino range, but it has been increasing for the past several months.

Most Utah, Colorado and NE skiing has minimal sensitivity to El Nino. But we could use it here in SoCal.
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