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Nordica Pro Demo Day, Loveland, 29 October

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On the 29th of October from 10:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. at Loveland, Nordica will have a Pro Demo Day open to any ski instructors or ski patrollers. Please bring a driver's license as ID.

This will be an opportunity to try skis as well as get boot fitting done on site. PM me with any questions and I'll work on getting answers for you.

Hope to see you there!
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Heard about this the other day from Rusty. Sounds like a great opportunity!!
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i think it will be fun. great day to get together and try new stuff.
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It will be a great time. Nordica's line of equipment just keeps getting better and better, and I'm really excited about this season's new gear--especially the new Aggressor line of boots and the SpeedMachine Mach III skis.

Ask me why!

Best regards,
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Why, Bob?

I have a pretty high level of curiosity about how the Aggressor may help me ski better. I am also interested in your complete set of thoughts around the "How wide should we go?" question, especially since you like the Mach 3 Power even though you're here in Colorado. What is it about that ski you like, and what about the others in the line?

One question for you: what are your thoughts about skiers on the race gear (SL R, GS R)?
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Bob did you ski the Mach 3 last year? How is it in bumps?
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Yes, Epic, I had a chance to ski the Speed Machine Mach 3 a bit last spring at Loveland, in heavy spring crud, steeps, bumps, and a little bit of groomed, and found it to be superb. It was the regular model, not the higher performance "Power" model, too, and I expect to like the Mach 3 Power XBI even more. The softer model is surely a little more forgiving in bumps, though, and it still rips on smooth snow.

I think it would be an excellent all-mountain ski, and an excellent teaching ski, for Colorado and a truly superb ski for the east.

For perspective, I should state that I have always preferred a more race-oriented ski in general, as an everyday, all-conditions ski. In other words, I'd rather have to deal with a narrower ski in powder than a wide ski on hard snow. Others may differ, and there are plenty of skis in Nordica's line for the wider ski preference as well.

SSH--as you know, Nordica's race skis are top shelf, serious hard snow machines--the real deal. And I love race skis! But race skis demand precise, disciplined, and usually energetic techniques, and many skiers would find them demanding, unforgiving, and more work than they want to deal with in many conditions. Some great skiers--Toni Sears, for one--ski full-bore race skis all the time. But Toni, who by my observation spends 90% of his time on Nordica Doberman Slaloms and the other 10% on Doberman GS's, is exceptional, to say the least. While I do recommend that most instructors should own a pair of race skis, and that everyone ought to at least try a pair, I don't think they are the best all-around skis for most people. They can also be fragile and prone to bending or other trauma when skied hard or sloppily in bumps.

Which brings me back to the Mach 3. At 72mm wide under foot, it is a good bit wider than a real race ski, but certainly on the narrow end of the "all-mountain" spectrum. The Hot Rod Modified was my absolute favorite all-mountain ski last season. At 74mm underfoot, it is the narrowest of the Hot Rod range, and the only one that I felt really responded to edging input like a race ski. Many instructors preferred the 78mm Hot Rod Top Fuel, and may like the 84mm Jet Fuel this year even more, although it has slightly less sidecut. But like I said, I just don't like that much width in anything but truly soft snow, personally. And the 74mm Modified worked just fine for me in the thigh-deep fluff at Alta/Snowbird in January!

Anyway, with a slightly deeper sidecut, and nearly the same width as the Modified, the Mach 3 comes even closer to my ideal one-ski quiver. I will probably ski it one length longer than the Modified--178cm rather than 170cm--which will give it a bit more stability at speed and flotation in soft snow, with almost the same sidecut radius (15.8m for the 170 Modified vs. 16.1m for the 178 Mach 3, if I recall).

For lighter skiers or skiers who like softer skis for bumps or otherwise, all these models have softer siblings. The SpeedMachine Mach 3 XBI is the softer version of the Mach 3 Power XBI. The Eliminator is the softer 74mm Modified; the Nitrous is the softer 78mm Top Fuel, and the Afterburner is the softer 84mm Jet Fuel. Lots of instructors prefer these softer models, especially in powder.

And there are equivalent models to the Hot Rods specifically for women as well--the Olympia series. The Olympia Victory is the women's version of the Modified (74mm), and it was an extremely popular ski last season. It's joined this year by the 84mm Olympia Conquer.

That's a lot of choices for that all purpose "one ski quiver" ski, so there should be at least one ideal model for everyone. Have fun playing with them all!

Best regards,
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Thanks for the concise report on the Nordica line Bob.

I may be moving from the Top Fuel to the softer Nitrous this season and info like this helps. Just wish I could be there to try them all for a day like you guys. Have fun!
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If anyone has anything to say about the Top Fuel I'd love to hear.

JG, you sound under impressed or was it a bit too stiff for your liking. I have heard so many positive things about the TF that I picked up a pair this fall. New, 170cm. I'm 200 at 5'10" so maybe a little short, but good for the woods and the like.

Nordica is really putting out some product. Might even get a pair of GS skis if I can learn to do GS turns!
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Paul, you'll enjoy those. They are a super all-around ski. Damp, solid edgehold, but nice energy.
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Can any of you fill me in on the difference between the Dobermann slalom line?



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The SLR is the real race (stock) ski that all racers are using. In a 165 it has a 14m radius and two sheets of metal. The 155 cuts the radius down the 13m I think. The ski is very stiff and very damp as slalom skis go.

Pro SL:
Steve just informed me that the Pro SL will not be in the US this year because it is outshined by other (newer) skis that Nordica has available. the MAch3 Power probably is the best replacement and offers a best of both worlds scenario for the skier. The Pro SL however is a good ski that runs slightly softer than the SLR and uses an integrated binding (not the same as the system on the Mach3 though I don't think). It has had variations that jumped abck and forth between a cap and a sandwich (most recent being cap I think?). I had skied on a pair of Pro GS's a few seasons back and really enjoyed them, but felt that they true race skis were better suited for the course.

Pro SC:
The Pro SC is a slalom carver - also a cap ski - but significantly softer than the skis mentioned above. I don't have the sidecut memorized on this one so you might want to look into that, but I assume it is in the 12 to 14m range. After skiing on the Pro GS, I would guess that the Pro SC is pretty soft... If you are looking for top end performance I think that one of the skis mentioned above would suit you better.

As a side note, everyone seems to be raving about the Mach3 and Mach3 Power. I would definitely give those a try. I stick to the race models from Nordica, but if I were free skiing (not running gates, and had never run gates) only I would definitely have the Mach3 Power on my must-have list. Given where you ski Chris, for a groomer ski that line might be worth a look over the race line.


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Originally Posted by Paul Jones View Post
If anyone has anything to say about the Top Fuel I'd love to hear.
the top fuel is the ski i use 90% of the time. nordica makes a lot of great skis, however, i have yet to find anything this ski does not do well.
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Cool, can't wait. I always get nervous after I commit to a ski. Rarely do I get the chance to demo.
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Originally Posted by Paul Jones View Post
Cool, can't wait. I always get nervous after I commit to a ski. Rarely do I get the chance to demo.
i will have to add it's one of my all time favorite skis.
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ok.....i just spent the day trying the new mach III power in a 162 and 170. i'll be ordering a pair tonight. it is one heck of a ski!
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come on Rusty, ya gotta say more than that, spill your guts...
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Originally Posted by Rusty Guy View Post
ok.....i just spent the day trying the new mach III power in a 162 and 170. i'll be ordering a pair tonight. it is one heck of a ski!
What's it about?
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Originally Posted by Rusty Guy View Post
ok.....i just spent the day trying the new mach III power in a 162 and 170. i'll be ordering a pair tonight. it is one heck of a ski!
What about the 177? Too much?
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i've never understood what too much means in relation to a ski!

too much money? too many skis in the garage?

working backwards.....i have a jet fuel in a 178 and nordica has kindly given me a new top fuel this winter. a 162 mach III will give me a front side groomer type ski.

as i type these words i am a little annoyed with myself. there just isn't any reason these days to own multiple skis. i spent the day with the two bob's and mike wilson. we decided the perfect two ski combo is a mach III and a jet fuel or single ski quiver with the modified/eliminator or top fuel/nitrous.

now....why did i like the ski? i don't have the eloquence of some ski reviewers. i guess i just liked it! the 162 had a 14 meter turn radius, it carved well, smeared well, and with 72 mm underfoot i think it would be fine on a day with a foot or so of snow.

i don't wade into a lot of discussions anymore, quite frankly, because i don't have as much desire to try and convince folks that they might want to reconsider their understandings. bob barnes made a very apt quote one day about "powder". he said "we wait all winter for it and then put on a ski to get out of it ." i know that was my sense a couple of times last winter with the jet fuel. i wanted "back in it".

i also feel that there is no reason for a pro or recreational skier to buy a race ski these days. i know bob barnes feels differently. i had a nordica slalom ski with me and i sure couldn't fel any difference between the mach III and the slalom ski. maybe i needed to "co-contract" more!

i was lifting and lightening all i could and when i finally felt a little co-contraction i had to run inside and tidy up.
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Rusty, I was really obtuse, wasn't I? Typical!

I just wondered what the difference between the 170 (which I have skied for a couple of runs) and the 177 might be.
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7 cm.........i couldn't resist

no in all seriousness, that is one of my pet peeves as well. i was swapping skis with bob booker and bob barnes because we all wear the same size boot. i think folks fret too much about ski length. we were swapping skis so fast i had to look at the label on the mach III to tell the length.

the 170 and 162 felt about the same.

with the incremental width underfoot of these skis i think they can be skied a little shorter.
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Do you expect to have the 177s for the Pro Demo? I'm looking forward to seein' ya'll on the 29th...
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i actually will not be there due to duties elsewhere, however, i feel certain they will bring a pair.
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My personal thanks to Zach Littlepage and his team for a great day skiing on Nordica skis in great conditions at Loveland. My thoughts on the skis are here.

Given the number of pros trying out new Nordicas, the day looked like it was a success for all. Well done!
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