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We booked the trip today!!!!!!!!!!!!
Thanks for all the input. All good stuff.
This is the deal>
6 nights at the Crestveiw Condos just down the road from Park City. If anyone knows the exact distance to Park City from these condo's please let me know. Flying Delta out of Portland, Maine arriving SLC at 12:14pm. 4x4 Trailblazer included. No ticket package. We will buy discounted tickets if available. Thanks for the powder lessons, however, we are both Advanced to Expert skiers. Both been skiing 25+ years!! We have skiied powder. In fact I remember skiing Sugarloaf one day and felt bottomless!!
As to the mountains we ski.......Positively Alta, Snowbird, Deer Valley and Snowbasin. This is the main reason we got the 4x4, to get to Snowbasin.
Total cost for Air, Lodging and 4X4........$1,200.00. A bit pricey, however, we are near the mountains (not downtown) and we have a vehicle that will "go places". Fly out February 28 (Wednesday) and get back Portland, ME Tuesday at 5:20. Each way there is one stop in Atlanta.
So, there it is. All booked up. Time to join the gym so we enjoy the whole ski day. We're excited!!
Please, if anyone has info on this lodging speakup!!!
Thanks again, everyone!!!!
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Originally Posted by Sugaree View Post
We have skiied powder. .......Positively Alta, Snowbird, Deer Valley and Snowbasin.

I was with intermediates last time I was in Utah, so did not get to do 3 of your 4 (they are on my "do before I die" list, though). Last time I was in Alta/Snowbird was 1986.

I did ski DV one day. It does not have a large amount of tough stuff, but what it has is very nice.

Here's a picture of Daly Bowl & Chutes at the top of the Empire lift (you may have seen the excellent writeup in last months Ski or Skiing magazine)

Here's a picture from the top. The cornice was kinda rotten looking and closed, so they had it an entrance from the side of the chute. (Not sure if I would have dropped the cornice or chickened out if it had been the only way in.)

The other surprising thing about DV, given how much they brad about their grooming, is that they also have some nice mogul runs. When we were there, the whole top of the Empire Canyon lift was soft, moderate size, perfectly shaped bumps. There are other bump runs (some fairly steep) scattered around.

You do know there is no going back... once you go the first time, you are going to have to go out West at least once a year from then on.
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Originally Posted by Sugaree View Post
6 nights at the Crestveiw Condos just down the road from Park City. If anyone knows the exact distance to Park City from these condo's please let me know.
For some reason, these condo companies make it hard to figure out exactly where they are. But the Tanger Outlets next door will give you a street address, which provides what you need for internet maps.

We stayed at the Powderwood condos right next to yours. The area you are at is "Kimball Junction." I remembered it was 5-10 minutes, and Google says 11 minutes. It is 6 1/2 miles.

Being right near the freeway is good for your plan of driving to different parts of the SLC region. You can make a fast getaway.

The Google map route is attached. How's that for service!

You will drive right past the entrance to the Canyons. I would not recommend going there for a single day. Some people love the place, but we found it very confusing to get around and never did make it to the peak we wanted to ski the one day we were there.

I really liked PCMR too, but you are going to run out of days before you run out of ski areas. I wouldn't bump anything on your current list for it, except maybe swapping for DV. (For multiple days, definitely PCMR. For one day, I'm not sure.).
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MDF.........Thanks for the info. Good stuff.
I thought our condo was closer to Park City, but that's O.K.. Like you said, we've got a quick get away to to Snowbasin and Alta. As the trip gets closer hopefully I will get more "local" knowledge here at the best ski forum in the world!!!!!
MDF......Do you have a trip planned this year??
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Originally Posted by Sugaree View Post
I thought our condo was closer to Park City??

If I were suspicious, I'd say that may be why it is so hard to find out exactly where they are...

Originally Posted by Sugaree View Post
MDF......Do you have a trip planned this year??
I have 1 1/2 trips planned. I'm going solo to JH the frist week in Feb (everything is all booked for that one) and I'm trying to negotiate the family trip for school vaca the 3rd week in Feb. We do that trip with one other family -- this will be our 6th year together. The family trip is not nailed down yet -- too many interests to coordinate -- but I'm pushing for Breckenridge.

Which reminds me:

Does anyone know anything about the Sundowner condos (or others nearby -- at the end of the 4 o'clock run) at Breckenridge? It looks like that is the best neighborhood to balance convenience to skiing and to town. Is that correct, or is another part of twon better?
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Breck question put into new thread. IF anyone has info, please follow up there instead. Thx.
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Sounds like you are set for accomodations and a 4X4, it is just a matter of where to ski. Not a bad position to be in! Just a reminder, if you are staying up by PC I don't think there are any ski shops there that sell discount tickets, so if you get up in the morning and want to ski at one of those areas like the Canyons, you would need to drive to SLC and back to get cheap tickets if you had not purchased them ahead of time. Also, driving from there to Big or Little Cottonwood Canyons would not involve going right by Sea'n Ski or Canyon Sports, so you will need to plan your ticket purchases so that you don't waste time when you want to hit the slopes in the morning. I believe you can buy cheap tickets for most of the areas that can be used on whatever day you want, but I'm not sure, so check it out so you can buy a couple of days of skiing when you get there and make a choice of where to ski each day and be ready to go.
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Mudfoot..........We will not be commuting for cheap lift tickets. Hell, we're on vacation...the best excuse to spend a little more!!
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I'm not suggesting that you commute to buy discount tickets, just that I don't think they are available in the Park City. There is money to be saved with a little planning (around $11-$18 per day for each of you depending on where you ski). You can spend your $$ anyway you want, but it feels good walking past the line at the ticket window and going directly to the lift knowing you got it cheaper and you're getting on the chair quicker. Also, it kinda makes it seem like those apre ski beers are on the house.

Have a great trip!
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