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avalanche danger etiquette

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After 5 days of snowstorms you want to go out of bounds .
You ask a ski patrol ,
What do you think , it's safe to go down there in the steep and deep ??
He says NO !
You insist and try to head there anyway.

Which one is the MOST EFFICIENT and CORRECT reply of the patroller?? :
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Is your question supposed to reflect a person going into an area posted closed due to avalanche danger? Or leaving the resort boundaries and the patroller doesn't recommend it?
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Did you have a bit of an unhappy experience with a patroller, extreme veteran?

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I wasn't trying to be nitpicky, but it sounded like you're asking permission to go in a closed area? : Just confused. Around here it's against the law (i.e. you'll be answering to the sheriff if they catch you) - since you are potentially putting patrollers/rescuers/other skiers lives at risk by entering an area closed due to avalanche danger. While they should always be as polite as possible, I'd imagine it is their job responsibility to make every reasonable attempt to stop you. If you're talking about somewhere outside the resort boundary (edit: assuming you're not trying to go through some sort of closed gate), then their advice is/should be nothing more than a recommendation - however, I'm not sure why you WOULDN'T want to follow it.

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It is my personal experience that the patrol will allways tell us the avalanche rating and any first hand experience. They never tell us what we can and cant do.
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In the past week a guy whom was skiing off piste, and as you know, here anything which is off-piste does equal to out-of-bound
was charged with, I'm not sure exactly what (reckless behaviour which could have endangered others, might get close).
But he, while skiing off piste, provoked an avalanche, which invested a piste (groomed trail, as you call it).
Luckily it was early morning and no one but the patrollers (Carabinieri) were around. No one got injuried.
He could have caused much more than that, had he been there whle the pistes were opened (it was to be in less than one hour)....
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BTW, Extreme, I haven't taken part in the poll, because all answers do appear wrong to me.
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Originally posted by Matteo:
BTW, Extreme, I haven't taken part in the poll, because all answers do appear wrong to me.
Well put, Matteo. I didn't answer the poll either.

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If you're just going to ignore the answer why even bother asking the question. The only thing you can gain is attaching liability to the Patroller for your own stupidity. If you know more than the patroller why wouldn't you just go off anywhere and ski something that only you can properly assess as safe.
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Sorry ,I was out of reach of a computer for some days ( kayaking again, I have to survive until the middle of june for the start of our ski season ).

As usual with my polls I was trying to see the way other people react to different stimuli! THAT'S ALL

This poll is based in a real case.

Here in Argentina you can go anyplace you want unless is closed clearly .

It's polite ( and clever ) to ask the patrol before going down places like Mercurio or Marte in Las Lenas after a snowstorm or if you think it's too icy.

The answer #3 was actually used by a patroller I know and respect when I was insisting on my last ski day of the season to go to Mercurio.
Of course I didn't go [img]graemlins/thumbsup.gif[/img]
I DON'T THINK I KNOW MORE THAN THE PATROLLERS. [img]graemlins/angel.gif[/img]
That's maybe why I'm still alive ,considering the places I love to ski in

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