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Snowboarding lessons/lesson series

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So The Boy's birthday is coming up shortly, and since he recently moved to the land of real mountains (CO) I thought maybe I'd buy him some lessons or something so he can take full advantage of his time out there. He's snowboarded for some time, but only taken a few lessons so he's mostly self-taught and I don't think he's ever skiied anything super-steep. He likes park and pipe but isn't terribly good at getting any serious air, though he did take a bit of a lesson on the pipe last season. He has also mentioned wanting to learn how to use one of those alpine board things (can you tell I'm not a snowboarder?).

I was wondering if anyone can give me any recommendations on good resorts in the Summit county area to get some lessons for him, or maybe any mountains that are running a series of lessons on a weekly basis or something? I've been googling all day but I figured maybe I could get some direction here as opposed to visiting every resort's website within a driveable distance from him.


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coaching in summit


I think I can help a bit here. I used to be a lead trainer at Breckenridge (now on the East Coast at 7 Springs), so I know a lot of folks out there who could help. I know Breckenridge always has specials on lessons and tickets, etc. so a quick trip to their official site would be worthwhile.

Breck's got a variety of terrain to cover quite a few different topics. There's mellow terrain to boost skills, there's 5 parks to choose from for freestyle and if steeps and cliffs are interesting they've got them too (not to mention trees and moguls and groomers). Great coaching staff at each peak's base complex. Let me know if you have any specific questions. I'd be happy to help.

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Alpine board things and instruction

Originally Posted by Kimmyt View Post
He has also mentioned wanting to learn how to use one of those alpine board things (can you tell I'm not a snowboarder?).
You can find folks who might be able to help with hardboot instruction here. If he hasn't yet visited, you might refer your boyfriend to the BOL community as the site, and its denizens, has lots of helpful advice for aspiring hardboot carvers.

The folks at Bomber, located in Silverthorne (Summit County), are relentlessly helpful and also demo hardboot gear.

Hope this helps. What a nice gift.

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