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07 Gotama, Which Length??

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Hey everyone....I have an interesting dilemma, I have two pais of 07 Gots. 183 and 190. I am 180lbs, 6'1 39ys old. 60+ days a season and I have a season pass for Squaw. I am a 7-8 level skier, agressive, and been training all summer for next season. I want to move up to the next level in my skiing...pow ect...

What is the better length for me? To make a long story short, I got a great deal on the skis and I intend to sell the other length.

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At your weight and admission you want to improve your powder skiing, keep the 183s. I, however, weigh 238 lbs and could use the 190s. How much would you off them for?
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If you can stand to lose $100 or so try them both and then keep the one you like best. These hold their value more than any other ski I think....especially 190s which are hard to come by.

My guess is you'll like the 183s the best at first but you may be better off on the 190s for the long run depending on how much you improve. What other ski(s) do you have in what length and how do you like them?

Oh...and send me a pm when the season starts if you want to hook for some turns....me and the wife have squaw passes too
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Follow me:

Thanks for the advice...did a little research on Epic and TGR and they seem to agree with you As for selling the 190's....I will sell them for what I paid for them (i had to pay tax to ) so $599. Not exactly a steal but a good deal. I am in the Bay area...if interested..PM me...Thanks


That sounds great My GF would love that...I will PM you...hopefully sooner rather than later!
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sbc67- Thanks for the offer but a little too rich for my blood after buying both Mantras and AC4's last season. You bought the Gotamas for a "great deal" and want to sell them for a "good deal". I tend to always prefer the "great deal"! However, if you would be interested in some 191 Mantras with only 5 days on them, we may still have an opportunity. :
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Help picking pow ski

Hi guys, I have been skiing for fifteen years now and have a pair of atomics i use for everyday skiing, but made a heli trip to alaska last year and am moving to park city for the winter. i am planning on doing a lot of backcountry deep pow skiing and am looking for suggestions on where to go. I am currently leaning towards the '07 gotama but am undecided. also heard good things on the new seth vicious and k2's. any suggestions would help
5'10, 150 LBS...advanced skiier
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