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P12 Twisted Toe

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I gave my son some V-Pros I had with 2004 Look P12 Ti bindings mounted on them. They had about 20 days on the bindings and were set to a DIN of 8 1/2. My son calls me last spring & says the binding is twisted which really confused me on how that can be or what he was talking about. I finally got a look at the skis today and the wings on the toe piece are almost perpendicular to where they should be and stuck. Basically the entire center of the front binding is twisted 80 degrees. Has anyone seen this before?
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Yes I have, it's no big deal, but he's probably lucky that the binding had the 180* feature. (The alternative might have been a big owweee). Just back off the din screw to almost loose, and you can twist it back to center.

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Yeah, no biggie. It does tend to happen in awkward twisting falls .
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i near shat myself when i did that to mine in my first hour out on the new setup... fortunately i was skiing with the bloke who sold them to me who laughed at me cause my stack was less than graceful and pushed it back into place for me!

It's easy fixed, no need to worry!
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