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I'm not sure what skis to get, would appreciate any suggestions...

Female, mid-twenties
116 lb
5' 3"
East coast
Plan to go this year: 20+ times (hopefully)

Caught the ski bug end of winter 2005, so I'm still very new to it. I went from falling OFTEN on greens to not falling all day on blacks last season (only went 8x last yr because I was out of the cold climate area for 7 weeks). So I'm comfortable on single blacks now and speed doesn't frighten me (I'm more weary of crowded trails). But I know I have a lot to work on. I'm looking forward to actually taking semi-private lessons this year and learning proper technique! I'm probably mostly skidding my turns at the moment. But I am seeing a lot of progress and I don't want to outgrow skis too soon. I don't mind getting another pair in a few years, just not too soon.

Any skis to recommend?
And what length?

(I'm partial to Salomon bc I can get a really good discount, but really it doesn't matter too much)