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Originally posted by MittersillManiac:
wrong dude. it's 72%. That means 72% of 90°, or 64.8°.
Sorry, but wrong again. Look back at TomB's post in this thread to see what % grade really means. And look back at my post in this thread to see how to use simple trigonometry to convert between % grade and degrees pitch. It's definitely the case that % grade is not a percent of 90°. 72% grade is equal to just under 36°. With all the talk (in another thread) about the importance of solid self-arrest skills on steeps, don't you think that another safety tip might be to be know how steep that pitch is where you might have to practice your self arrest?

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Anybody know how steep Spaulding Bowl is at Copper? So far that is the steepest slope I have skied. Being a disabled skier, I have a lot of trouble getting me left leg around into a turn, but I'm working on it.
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Originally posted by Owens Never Sleeps:
THIS is steep.

So is this...

Owen Wins the "what is steep?" sweepstakes. Can't touch that. Was it Jeremy Jones in Prophecy who said he pretty much had maxed out how steep a slope could be and still be ridden?.

The Olympic course was 72% no 72 degrees - not very steep. But it was fast.
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I know when I use to drive a log truck that a 25% grade(beaver slide)was all I wanted. :
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A steep run is one with a winch point at the top of it.

A steep run is one where most of the ski tracks head straight past the entrance.

A steep run is where people are stopped at the bottom checking that they are in one piece still.
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I know this is late and I'm sorry, but my two cents. I think steep is whatever you think it is. If you get to the top of a run and say........SHIT man, that's steep. Well then, it's steep. I've taught a lot of lessons where my students continually express interest at skiing what they think is "steeper" when in all reality, the average beginner-intermediate would think that it's a cake walk. The fact of the matter is that no matter how you look at a run, it's probably steep to someone. Steep to me?? When you can turn your head back toward the hill and kiss your tracks.....yup, that's steep.

Good day,
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