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Ski suggestions for Off-Piste newbie

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I am just getting my feet wet in off-piste terrain and was wondering what skis might be good for demoing/learning (I have used Pocket Rockets before) on my next trip to Vail in January. I am 6 feet tall and weigh 165 - 170 lbs and consider myself a "6" or so on-piste.
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When I was looking for a more off-piste oriented ski I demoed:

Volkl Karma
Volkl Mantra
Rossignol B3

But as the multitude will certainly chime in, it really depends what you are looking for and what terrain you will be skiing.
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What were your impressions of the pocket rocket? That might help us get an idea of what you like in a ski.
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dookey...How does the Karma compare with the B3 on-piste? I'm looking for a ski for 60/40 off/on-piste use. I am also considering the Head iM82 as it would probably hold an edge better on-piste. Also, maybe comment on the karma in late afternoon chop with regards to stability and deflection. I'm 5'11" 170lbs level 7 skier and ski the volkl 5*
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That is part of the problem. Since I have rarely ventured off-piste, I am not sure how to relate my impressions of the ski. It is hard to differentiate between my poor off-piste skiing and the equipment that I was using at the time.

Originally Posted by Robscapes View Post
What were your impressions of the pocket rocket? That might help us get an idea of what you like in a ski.
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I would steer you more towards the thinner side of the midfats, more in the 74-76 range. This will give you a ski that has more usable sidecut and still perform very well off piste. The pocket rocket is on the soft side wiht a radius of 20 M or so. Drop down to between 12-15 and you have a ski that is more versatile, a ski that you can learn in all enviroments, and will still perform well off piste. I personally like plenty of sidecut untill it gets deep, like 18-24" plus, then I'll go wide. Even though I can handiliy ski my mentrons in any depth.

In the atomic line I would look at mid level mentrons and lower end daddys. solomon, rossignol, k2, ect., all make good skis in this category. so my advice would be rather than to have a model in mind for youself I would suggest looking into demoing from a category, and price range. At your level, I would suggest mid level one ski quiver skis to demo. Later, RicB.
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If you are interested in the narrower mid-fats, look at the K2 Apache Recon and the Line Prophet 80. I have skied both of those in mixed conditions (hardpack groomers, light ankle deep powder) and they are very nimble and responsive.

As for the Karma, it's stiff (stiffer than either of the aforementioned skis). It rides great in crusty, boot deep powder and handles pretty well on hardpack. Unfortuneately due to the conditions last season, I ended up riding my Mantras the most.

Another mid-fat option is the Atomic M:EX. It has an 84mm waist. They discontinued it, so you should be able to get a deal on the 05/06 models online. Good ski. I almost bought a pair at the end of the 04/05 season, but needed to get new boots first and then didn't find the 05/06 available for demo (hence why I ended up with the Karmas).

Yet another mid-fat option is the Blizzard Titan series. Although I own a pair of the Titan 8's, I only rode them in hardpack. They rip on groomers. Not sure how they handle softer snow, though.

So, I would recommend you try the Karma and see if you can't find some of the M:EX's to demo. Both are good skis. If you want to go narrower, try the Recon and the Prophet.
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I'd consider Atomic M:Exs or Atomic Beta 5s. Lots of comments on this site about both skis.
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If you have the opportunity I would suggest the Fischer AM79. I skied them for three days last winter and really enjoyed them in several different conditions. They were wide enough underfoot for float in 6" of fresh and hooked up with confidence on some wind blown hard pack. I really liked how quick they were edge to edge and seemed solid at moderate speeds. Only complaint was on the day of fresh snow as everything got skied out - the ski struggled to punch through the junk like the K2 Outlaw.
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A lot of the skis here are great for more experienced backsiders who ski fast or weigh more than you do. For instance, the AMC 79 is an advanced/expert stick, fairly stiff shovel/tail and prefers longer turns; the Volkls get great reviews, but that doesn't mean they're good skis to learn backside on.

At your size and level, all off-piste should start with the PR lineage, these days the 1080 Gun. Forgiving, easy to initiate and finish, will handle any kind of terrain (including trees and bumps) except sheet ice, will grow with you. Ski it for 3 or 4 seasons, pick up some skills, then decide if you want a different flavor.
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