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Hi everyone,
I'm pretty new to this forum and I really like it. Nice people (what I've read so far), some very interesting in-detail discussions (physicsman etc) and lots of help.

Now to the topic: In short, I'm looking for a ski that does it all :-)

6' - 195lbs - 20y - on a scale 1-10 (with 10 be the best) mid 7.
Mostly going at medium speed and do medium turns, but the ski shouldn’t limit me when I want to go faster.
I ski everywhere in the European Alps (similar to the East Coast?).
Atm I ski 60% groomed, 40% off trail - but definitely want to improve my off-trail skiing.
Skis I have in my quiver: Head Supershape (170cm).

And a second question: Which of this year's or last year's skis is close to the old Salomon Scream Xtra Hot - same “feeling/"soul"?

Any help appreciated -- thx a lot.

[Pls excuse my bad English since im not a native speaker ]