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Copper snowmaking map

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Does anyone know where I can find a map of the snowmaking area at Copper Mountain? The web site says 300+ acres, but does not say where. Thank you.
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Originally Posted by matt7180 View Post
Does anyone know where I can find a map of the snowmaking area at Copper Mountain? The web site says 300+ acres, but does not say where. Thank you.
Copper makes snow on most of the frontside of the mountain except for the A lift. The progression starts on Copperopolis off the Excelerator (usually reserved for race teams until Thanksgiving), then to Main Vein off the Eagle. If there is no early season snow you will get a healthy dose of Main Vein. The next lift will be the Flyer to take the beginner skier pressure off of Main Vein. The last piece of the puzzle is Andy's Encore on the Super Bee. If there is natural snow more trails will be added on the same lifts in the same order and the progression from one lift to the other will be quicker.
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Thanks for the reply GGSKI. I was thinking about running out the weekend of the 11th & 12th of November. I wasn't expecting much, just ready to get the skis out.
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Glad to help. The 11th and 12th will most likely be Main Vein only unless we get fairly significant natural snow between now and then. It is good vertical and a decent pitch but, it is normally pretty crowded with race camps and early season nut cases like ourselves.
If you can swing the ticket price, Loveland is usually the least crowded early season area. I have a Copper Pass and love it there but, I spend most of my early days at Loveland since there are fewer racers and they are much more forgiving of high velocity skiers.
Either way, keep your fingers crossed for a large dose from Mother Nature.
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thanks again.

I thought about Loveland or A-basin, but did not know how much terrain they would have open either.

The last couple of years we have skied all over Colorado and New Mexico just buying tics as we go, maybe a four pack here and there. This year we bought Rocky Mountain Super Passes in hopes of spending more time skiing and less $ on lift tickets. We were pretty much resigned to ski at Mary Jane and Copper all winter.

We may hit Copper on saturday and if it is a madhouse, try Loveland on Sunday.
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Loveland has a couple of good ticket deals:
1. 4 pak for 99$
2. Frequency Card for $36 - 1st day and every 5th day free
Check the website for details
At that time of year there will not be a lot of difference from resort to resort as far as open terrain. Copper usually has more vert, The Basin and Loveland may have 2 trails open instead of one...it really depends on weather and your preference. The only downside to the Basin is that everyone who has a Colorado Pass will be at the Basin...lines can get quite long.
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