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Wine Websites?

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Just one expensive and time consuming hobby - skiing - isn't enough: I am now becoming a wine enthusiast. I just put up a second wine rack, I'm starting to look at wine cellar designs, I just ordered some fresh juice to try my hand at home wine making, I just bought a pile of wine appreciation books: I'm going completely overboard in pursuing my new hobby.

Does anybody have any favorite wine appreciation web sites they find useful? I'm looking for information on home brewing, on collecting, and on rating and reviewing wines. Google brings up 66,000,000 hits; I'm hoping that he collective wisdom of the folks on this site can help me narrow the field.
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Originally Posted by Colossus178 View Post
I'm looking for information on home brewing,
Structured learning:
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I don't know any websites but I see that you are going to try crafting your own wine. My wife's boss has been making his own for years. This guy makes some world class wine. Prior to tasting his, I had a very low regard for home wine making. He has a cellar with at least a 1000 bottles. I buy a mixed case from him several times a year and it has become the wine of choice for us. to home crafted wine.
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I've been an oenephile for years. Read many books, magazines & forums, visited wineries on the east & west coasts, organized tasting parties and was a judge in a Pennsylvania wine competition. I've made my own wines at home, (Cabernet was my specialty) and worked in a PA winery for one vintage.

While all those things contributed to my knowledge, the absolute best education I received was at the hands (or palate should I say?) of a true winemaster. John Crouch, winemaker at Allegro Vineyards in PA from 1979 - 1999 (RIP), was my mentor for a decade. He started my education by having the two of us purchase a case of Bordeaux together. We went through them one or two bottles at a time. By the time we finished, (working in a few bottles from other regions) I could pick out (blind) a Cab/merlot from France vs California vs Pacific NW vs Australia etc. There were other accomplishments during that time and over the next decade, but I tend to get a bit long-winded when discussing these things. I too have the same passion.

Don't bother buying Parker's Wine Guide. I know he's the Pope (pet term among some) and all, but I never found it all that useful. Or, buy one and make your own decision. Anyone who tastes that much wine in a year eventually blows his palate out.

So my advice is visit your local wineries and wine tasting groups. Ask questions . . . those with real knowledge love to share it. Be wary of the wannabees (they're not TOO prevalent, thank goodness). And very importantly, NEVER be intimidated to speak your mind at a gathering. I have a friend, a lowly postal worker (as he would say ) who has an excellent palate. I know others with little wine-tasting experience, who are able to articulate what they smell and taste in new & colorful ways.

It's been fascinating, and it ain't over. I'd be more than happy to chat here or through a PM any time you'd like.
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