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easy, bro.

but this: as a matter of fact - judge me as you wish (but don't be afraid to keep it to yourself) - i HAVE read and re-read ALL the castaneda material, and, as a matter of fact, it DID have a large and profound effect on me in my mid-20's. if you really DO want to discuss THAT, i'd be happy to.

fact? fiction? not sure it matters, really. (JUST my opinion.)

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All this about music? Sheez. No wonder why I listen to WFAN anymore. (Yea team.)

Oh, and I like U2 and EC and Dire Straits. Probably not kosher for everyone. Well, tough toenails. Unfortunately, a lot of tunes (esp. show tunes!) remind me of what I probably need to forget, so I'm thinking (apt with this thread, too) that dem "three men I admire the most...caught the last train for the coast" and the music has died. Addio and all that.


Dante non ha mai immaginato questo cerchio dell'inferno!

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Dylan: Blood On The Tracks, Blonde on Blonde, and Nashville Skyline.

Stones: Exile, Paint it Black

Toadies: Rubberneck

Smashing Pumpkins: Siamese Dream

guess i feel kinda "turn it up" today. (The schizophrenic in me.)
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Wow - you guys are going to town.

""hippie" referred to the lauding of tolerance and diversity above standards"

Whose standards - yours? mine? or irulublo's? (you know he really likes malt liquer)

I'm sure there are a few senators etc in the Republican Party who laud tolerance and diversity.

Anyway - enjoyed all the posts - but we need a philosophy page for this - or maybe a

What is art? thread

CD's currently in the machine
Toots in memphis
Tom Waits Black Rider
Natalie (sp?) Merchant ???
the b-52's cosmic thing
Tracy chapman's ????
The soundtrack to that 80's movie that was a remake of the sagaurous(sp?) 7 the name eludes me which is pretty funny because I have never seen the sagaurous(sp?) 7 but have seen the one in question numerous times.

That last one is tough for me to admit but I'm blaming it on the wife. Actually since she buys most of the CD's I can't really claim any of them.

I've lost track of the current trends in music since I left PA. WXPN out of philly is the best station I've ever heard.
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Cool. I'm not the only one that likes toots
Do you happen to have the Bill Evans/Toots CD? if so, do you know if it was a re-master or just transfered to cd?
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Sorry, Dude, my mistake. You're a die-hard philistine. I didn't see it coming, your references to Gaddis et. al. threw me for a minute. I mistook you for someone who gave a sh*t about something other than his ego. Later.
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Dchan - Toots in memphis is the only one Toots CD we have - it is one I put in the player though.

"okay, my standards suck" by gonzostrike

Gonzo, I didn't read anyone saying your standards suck - maybe I missed it.

But why should your standards be anymore valid than mine?

Say we see a woman walking down the street and I find her beautiful and you barely noticed her. You may find her to thin or too fat or her nose is crooked or .... The very things you find unattractive I may find extremely attractive. Is it a case of lack of standards or different standards?
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Holy hole in a doughnut Batman. I thought some of those instruction threads were hot.
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Lemme add some more fuel (sorta):

I should have added that, while I am neither a fan nor a casual follower, I watched with great interest the controvery over Eminem's Grammy performance and found the song and performance (with Elton) provocative and evocative and in short excellent. He isn't *just* a moronic misogynistic miscreant. In a perfect world, maybe it would be easy to dismiss people we find reason (legit or no) to dislike but I don't think that's realistic. Generally, people dismiss things they learn about third hand at their own peril, be it laughed off, scoffed at, whatever. This is what I warn my class about, esp. as they seem to know all about Hitler but as some sort of unreal Snidely Whiplash character. (No I'm not equating anyone with Adolf.)

Standards in art/architecture/music are always pushed. Some succeed, some fail, some cause the parameters or criteria themselves to change. That is a continuous cyclical pattern. Seems some of the sneerers here about whatnot have started to replicate the behavior of those upset by Elvis and/or the Beatles and don't realize it; somehow this is packaged/propagandized as some sort of appeal to rigid (hence legit) standards, something like Bloom's Closing of the American Mind. That's just too easily self-serving. Do I think Marilyn Manson goes too far: Yes, in that I would not enjoy his shows, but he is also an articulate interesting person and has a substance to his performances, too.

Reminds me of the retirement age historian (who was my advisor) lamenting all the unsavory trendiness of cutting edge historical scholarship, whereas HIS work was unassailable solid work. How convenient that he forgot that the works he still venerates (now over 30 years old) were exactly received in the same terms he uses to condemn current work when he was a grad student, as challenging old paradigms, controversial, trendy, etc.

I don't follow a lot of new music today, but I see no reason to diss it, either, as I would have hoped my folks would not diss REM or Nirvana or something that might have been too hip for them when I was in college.

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Ahem...for what it is worth...

Jeff Beck...Truth

Todd Rungdren....Runt

I have simply worn them out!

Few geniuses...Pete T, John L, Frank Z

Today? Diana Krall! Old Miles...the rest? Don't touch that dial...don't even turn it on...shite!
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What "substance" would that be? heh heh.

When the going gets weird, the weird turn pro...
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Dianna Krall! YES! Suzanna McCorkle {R.I.P. sad!}, Loreanna Mckennit, October Project, The Nealds, and of course Stevie Nicks.

Then I saw my reflection in a snow covered hill.....

Be Braver in your body, or your luck will leave you. DH Lawrence
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Yeah, until Diana came around, I thought the best thing out of Nanaimo were the bath tub races and Nanaimo bars!
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Here's a thought. What if the rappers, after going on about raping, killing, smoking crack and such, added "I'm 90% sarcastic and 10% sincere"? Would that make it more acceptable?
I also like Melissa Etheridge.
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Just as you ( and many of us) use this forum to show a certain part of your personality that would most likely not otherwise be seen, so does
Stern uses his show.
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Sorry Gonz but I defend academic freedom and any other variety. I have shown clips of "Triumph of the Will" as well as "Birth of a Nation" to students, not because I agree with the subjects or the filmmakers, but because the material is instructive to watch and discuss.

I'm not necessarily comparing Eminem to Hitler/Riefenstahl or DW Griffith either (though you gotta love the endorsement Griffith shows from Wilson on his film: NOT). Just feel strongly in the utility of engaging the subjects and seeing what kind/s of messages can come from examining such things. Oh, and I still thought that the Grammy performance was very provocative and very adept as well. I don't have to like a guy to admit this, be it Eminem or Woody Allen. If you dismiss something you don't like without understanding, including what others value in it, you may get bit by the unforeseen effects resulting from this ignorance/indifference. Just a general rule that works.

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Gonzo what Dead shows do you have? Do you want any off of my lists? Or do I have anything shows you saw ?:

Tape list:

Cdr list:

If anybody else has shows I might be up for a trade preferably cdr but it depends on the show.

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At the Drive-in, Mudvayne, Metallica, Helmet, Living Colour, Ozzy, Tool, The Toadies, Soul Coughing, Stabbing Westward, Megadeth, MD45, Rage Against the Machine, Sum41, Blink 182, New World Order, Stone Temple Pilots, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Methods of Mayhem, Faith No More, Violent Femmes, Offspring, Butthole Surfers, and Scatterbrain... Just to name a few off the top. oh yeah - Color Me Bad and John Tesch for when I really feel like going off!!!
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mnskier - I have a whole case full of Dead bootlegs. If you're interested, I'll check and see what all I have (I haven't listenend to them in quite a while). I do remember a few from the early 70's at the Filmore East w/ New Riders of the Purple Sage.
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I'm always interested in hearing some good tunes!
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Hey, who's going to or has recently seen Trey Anastasio? I'm hooked up for Red Rocks in July

Sitting here, surfing and listening to:
Frank Zappa's Shut Up & Play Yer Guitar!

And speaking of back to the music, who skis/rides with tunes? I usually have my MP3 player loaded with musical motivation...

¯¯¯/__ SnoKarver <A HREF="http://communities.msn.com/SnoPeople

" TARGET=_blank>http://communities.msn.com/SnoKarver

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I like to listen to Joe Henderson. He died on July 1 at age 64. A true original player with "one foot in the present, the other in the future," someone, I forget whom, said.
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Sorry, Gonzo, I never made any assumptions about you--it was the other way around.
And then you tried to deny having done so when called on it (never mind [music reference...] that it required you to claim your words said something they very clearly did not). Don't go changing [another bad music reference]--I know you won't.
It's all good goo, though.
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I couldn't agree more. I have all of those recordings except the Miles tribute. One of the guys I work with played with Joe one weekend a few years back and said he was as down to earth as you could expect.

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I just got back from Widespread Panic!

It was a hell of a time. They played Good Morning Little School Girl! and a couple other rare cover tunes.

07/04/01 Harmony Park Music Garden, Geneva, MN
1: Henry Parsons Died, Who Do You Belong To?, Jack, C. Brown > Tie Your Shoes > Good Morning Little Schoolgirl > 1 x 1 > Conrad

2: Happy > Dyin' Man, Airplane > Holden Oversoul > Better Off > One Kind Favor > Drums > Four Cornered Room > Heathen > Four Cornered Room, This Part Of Town, Fishwater

E: Old Joe, Red Beans

[Last 'Heathen' - 4/7/1988, 1671 shows]

I don't have access to a dual deck so maybe I could send cd's?...I know tapes and postage for them would be more so you wouldn't have to trade I could just send you a couple of shows if you like.

I just got 10-15-76 in the mail today...listenin to Bertha as I type.
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Gonzo, why don't you go back and read it without being defensive this time (pretend you didn't write it) and you will see your error.
I only feel like Don Q. when replying to you (so I keep it to a minimum). I'm not sure why you feel like such a windmill, though.
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Okay, this seems to have run its course and become a somewhat hostile thread -- any objections to closing it or just letting it die? (this is NOT an invitation to get your last jabs in)
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please DO pull the plug. <FONT size="1">

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Please remove the life support!
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