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lately, lotta P.J. HARVEY.
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Bill Evans, Toots Thielemans,
John Coltrane, Wynton Marsalis,Paul Simon
New York Voices, Take 6, rock-a-pella.
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Metallica, Type O Negative, Muddy Waters, Old Ozzy and Black Sabbath, AC/DC.
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Jane's Addiction
Kool Keith
Dan the Automator
Deltron 3030
Public Enemy
Deeper Concentration Volume 2
Miles or Wes montgomery

OK, dchan, I was simply abbreviating (perhaps recklessly). Further detail:

Miles DAVIS quintet, usually Relaxing or Steamin'. Also, Bag's Groove album (Miles, Jackson, Monk; playing Bags Groove, a smooth Doxy, etc)

Wes Mongomery, Smokin' at the Half Note, although some of his later biger band stuff is fun (his rendition of Caravan and his Twisted Blues)

There. I feel better.<FONT size="1">

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I think it was wes montgomery
Miles might be miles davis?
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On a crsip fresh early morning you simply can't beat August and Everything After by the Counting Crows, leading into Dave Mattews Band's Before these crowded streets to get things shaking a bit and then just before you hit the slopes, wind things up with a very loud rendition of "Don't Drink the Water" off the latter.

He sings "all I can say, to you my new neighbour is you must move on, or (and at this point you turn to face the mountain) I - will - bury - you..."

After a hard day I think a little Stevie never goes amiss, with some Air (Moon Safari), MC Solaar, Van Morrison, the Eagles, Zero 7, and more Counting Crows - probably the live double album.#

That's a recipe for happiness, my friends...
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Little Feat circa Lowell George
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some material you may want to check if you already haven't.
Steve Earle - Transcendental Blues & The Mountain (The latter is good ol' bluegrass)
He also did a pretty decent alblum with the Supersuckers.
Billy Bragg and Wilco - Mermaid Avenue I&II
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I love to rock out on the hill. Especially to things like:

Zamfir and his magic flute
anything from Windam Hill
John Tesh
Capitan and Tenile
Cathy Lee Gifford
Mitch Miller and his Orchestra (Sing along with Mitch is the best)
I also love those compilations of tv show themes

Yeah buddy!!! We're rockin' now!

On a more realistic note (not a musical one), when I get a rare powder day, and it's dumping hard, I love the sound if silence (not Simon and Garfunkel). So I don't want headphones on.
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Why not rap?

Because, with some exceptions, rap is Dr. Seuss put to a beat, it promotes violence, degrades women.

Give me Motown, hot country (not the cry-in-your-beer stuff), Bare Naked Ladies (If I had a million dollars, I'd buy more skis!), fusion jazz, Airto, Cold Blood, tower of Power, Wild Cherry, Sly, Earth Wind and Fire, Dave Grusin, George Clinton, but then, what would you expect from a bass player?

Many decades ago, Ski Bowl at Mt. Hood, would play Swiss yodelling tunes over the PA. But I guess that's not being cool today. That's gone the way of solid wood skis, leather boots, bear claw bindings,bamboo poles, sinlge chair lifts with wooden towers with gas or diesel engines, stretch pants, etc.

Life's a pain... then you nap. Cat philosphy
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John H, You forgot Yanni and Enya.
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Yanni!! That's the one! I have a friend that listens to that crap, but I couldn't remember the name. He has a John Tesh CD, too (maybe a couple).
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I didn't think you were being serious.
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Oh, and anything by reef.
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The one song I did NOT enjoy hearing at Whistler isthe one that goes "I get knocked down, then I get up again..."

Being an aerobics instructor, the problem i have with music is that I can't start my run until the begining of the phrase.

When there's a whiteout, I hum "Whiter Shade of Pale" to myself. But the absolute peak experience was hearing the instrumental segment of Eric Clapton's "Layla" coming down the hill.

Then i saw my reflection in a snow covered hill.

Be Braver in your body, or your luck will leave you. DH Lawrence
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limp bizkit, Eminem, metallica, offspring ect. and its got to be LOUD so i can get pumped for a race
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dchan - I wasn't serious, except about the John Tesh and Yanni. And he doesn't listen to it with anyone around because he knows he'll be laughed out of town. Even funnier is that his wife is a classic rock fan. In the car, he wants to listen to Yanni, and she wants to listen to AC/DC or Aerosmith!
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I think SkibunnyK2 got it right when she said "it's all good". I keep reading everyone's favorites and saying Yeah!wish I had that CD!...on a recent trip over to Sugarloaf from Franconia for a few days (long trip on Rt 16!) we had the Nelly Furtado CD going round and round, never got tiresome always sounded right. Backside snowfields were awesome!

Other "must listen" CD's
Allen Jackson, Willy, The Mahotella Queens, Dixie Chicks, UB40, Suzy Boggus, Sinead Lohan, Natalie Merchant
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I think you might have forgot to insult at least one group here. You can do better than this.


Ed<FONT size="1">

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some have open minds
some don't

some appreciate diversity
some don't

some can see beauty in the ordinary
some can't

some look at things from many perspectives
some won't
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You really shouldn't be so afraid to share your opinions. If you have an opinion about music, please, let us know.

By the way, you forgot to bust on religious/gospel music. If you do, warn everyone, so we can try to avoid the lightning
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Gonzo thinks he's very cool because he listens to pseudo alt-rock and can therefore bag on those with more mainstream taste.
Let him go on thinking that.
Radiohead blows, and Yorke sounds like he should be in the Violent Femmes.
"I was stranded,
Caught in the crossfire."
SRV rocks--check out the boxed set if you can.<FONT size="1">

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Actually Cold Water is in reference to a song on Tom Waits cd Get Behind the Mule. If I recall correctly, and its true that sometimes I don’t, I heard an interview/review of Radioheads new cd on your beloved NPR, the apparent source of all PC evil, in which they referenced Tom Waits as an influence on their music. As someone who has obvious pride in his knowledge of esoteric music, you should educate yourself and pick up or borrow a copy of Get Behind the Mule.

Of course if you like it you will always have the shame of being introduced to Mr. Waits music by a NPR brainwashed, politically correct pedant of pseudo philosophy.

“pure pabulum proffered publicly per the politically proper pedants and pseudo-philosophers” Wow lots of P words!
But, pabulum just doesn’t quit fit, poop would have been a better choice, although it doesn’t have the pseudo-intellectual sound you are looking for. Pap would have been ok, at least it could be perceived as having a negative connotation, or pemmican (a food prepared from dried meat pounded into a paste and mixed with fat, so you don’t have to look it up) would also have been good.

A few more P words you are familiar with, Pugnacious Pompous Puerile Prig.

What price freedom
dirt is my rug
well I sleep like a baby
with the snakes and the bugs
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“You call me pompous, yet you try to go one better in your analyses. Who, then, would be the pompous one(s)?” No one called you pompous, I just stated that you are familiar with the word. You applied the word to yourself. Yes I agree that the second half of my post was pompous. I almost didn’t post it but I could not resist.

I did not assume to know every type of music you listen too. I recalled a link between Radiohead, a group you enjoy, and Tom Waits. If your opinion of Tom Waits is based on his earlier music, I encourage you to give the new CD a listen. If you heard it and did not like it, so be it. I do not know if Tom Waits is a good musician, I do know that his music speaks to me.

I have read Ayn Rand’s novels and enjoyed them, but I do not agree with her philosophy and I certainly would not call it liberal.

“It must be hard to get past yourself in these eternal contests of intellectual superiority” Yes it is, but it seems they always arise as responses to posts by you implying you are intellectually superior and we are just some collective who can’t think for themselves. I can not help but respond to you and I also view it as a weakness.

What price freedom
dirt is my rug
well I sleep like a baby
with the snakes and the bugs
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slow day?
i'll say this: you ARE dependable.

leave it to you to take an innocuous fun-time thread and toss yer acid on it.

but maybe you're just Calling It As It Is, or As You See It. (is there a difference?)

way to go, buddy.

does the "HeeHaw" mean the Jackass is loose?

oh yeah, i felt slighted you didn't slight me and my babe, p.j. harvey. what's up? not even worth it? who's she?

come on, THINK. ya gotta have a bullet or two left. <FONT size="1">

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That's funny Gonz, i saw PJ harvey live and the band was far from good. Must have had a bad night?? I find it difficult to listen to studio recordings of a band that i have seen perform badly live. Feels like your being cheated.....
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I listen to tunes before DURING and after I ski...

Stuff on my MP3 player this last season:

Van Morrison (faster tunes) * B-52's * Prince * Doug Maynard (hey mnskier, you know Doug? * Little Feat * Phish * String Cheese Incident * Stevie Ray Vaughn * The Fabulous Thunderbirds * Oingo Boingo *
They Might Be Giants * Weezer * Frank Zappa * Orb * Chemical Brothers * Cyprus Hill * Ozric Tentacles * BB King (esp new album with Clapton) * Fleetwood Mac * Genesis * Camel * Weather Report * Mingus *
Miles Davis * Ry Cooder * Beastie Boys * Yello * Bootsy Collins * Parliment * Moby * Macy Gray * Rolling Stones * Keith Richards * Velvet Underground * Television * Pink Floyd * Rev Horton Heat * Herbie Hancock * Lee Rittenour * War * Lee Oscar * Doobie Brothers * The Dead * Deodato * Jonny Lee Hooker * Walter Trout * Tower of Power * Primus * Red Hot Chili Peppers * Lenny Kravitz * Maceo Parker * The Jazz Crusaders *

Goes on and on and on....

¯¯¯/__ SnoKarver <A HREF="http://communities.msn.com/SnoKarver

" TARGET=_blank>http://communities.msn.com/SnoKarver

</A> <FONT size="1">

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What's up with bashing people for the music they listen to and like. Many of my friends like different music than I do, but I don't care as long as I'm not stuck in the car with them for long periods of time.
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consider the source:
you guys may need to visualize a tounge firmly in a cheek based on this gonzoclassic>
Supreme Big Mountain Member posted January 03, 2001 11:40 AM
purple microdot/orange sunshine
chase the dragon
mainlined speedball
coffee 'n' cigs
a little water to hydrate

dude, now that I've totally disconnected myself from reality, I'm ready to rip up the practically imaginary bright green snow on my insensate kaleidescopic ski equipment under a bright blue sun and yellow sky, the runs go on forever because a second seems like an hour and the snowflakes taste like cotton candy then baby powder then sugar then salt then baking soda then cornstarch and they feel like granular sugar and baby powder and rock salt and deep thick heavy water under my skis but whats more important is that the people talking sound like reptiles singing bird songs and they look like plants placed on top of fenceposts with tentacles for arms and flippers for legs and this all makes me so tired I fall asleep on the chair and then when I wake up weeks? years? days? decades? later at the top of the lift the blue sun is powerful and the yellow sky hurts my eyes and the clouds are black and orange and the ski patrollers look like the monster from Alien and the ski instructors look like naked Playboy bunnies and snowboarders all are riding giant soup spoons and the music playing in my head is the Jon Spencer Blues Explosion "I Got Worry" and all of a sudden the snow starts undulating and pulsing in time with Judah Bauer's bassline and my teeth are picking up signals from mars saying "our planet is red, yes our planet is red, and in a martian year the earth will be dead" but you know what? none of this matters because it all seems like a dream and tomorrow I will wake up in my office and realize that I just might have skied yesterday
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Big difference between a clever and sardonic piece of prose-poetry where no one gets barbed except a distant "type," and the above, which is pretty clearly unprovoked attacks on people's tastes. A big difference.
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