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Vot music do you like to listen to?

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I vill reiterate my question again, since my first post seems to hef disappeared (I hope Walter Sobchack does not find out- he vill be quite upset).

Vot kind of music do ze Barking Bears like to listen to in preparation for skiing?
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I'll bite on this one. Last trip to Mammoth (long drive), with family:
1. Al Green, Sat.Nite Live's 25th Anniversary, Kenny Burrell, Monk, Lee Morgan for me, wife and friend;
2. Classical for my 11 year old.
3. Wee Sing kid songs for 3 yr old.
4. Stroke 9, Beatles and Red Hot Chili Peppers for me and my 9 year old.
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What about you my Large Sun Valley going friend?

I'll be back.
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On my last road trip from Florida to Lake Tahoe we only had one cassette tape. And I c a n't remember what it was....

(props to Steven Wright for that one)
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Arnie, the last post was deleted b/c of the list you included. This seems to be a more sincere post.

And btw, when I hear Walt's name, I get trigger happy and sometimes delete for no reason at all except just to delete a friend of his.

Some friendly advise on posting in the future.
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BUFFETT! Even if it's not summer...it still gets me in the mood to ski. Other than that - Entrain, From Good Homes, Samples...
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usually a mix of R.L.Burnside, Herb Alpert, The Man in Black, and maybe a little of Sly and his family.
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Floyd, Van Halen, Zeplin, and on the flip side,Fogelberg, Henley, Hornsby depends on the mood and the weather. Powder days it's loud to get psyched, groomer days it's mello to the slopes.

If it holds snow-It can be skied!
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Red Hot Chili's
The Offspring
Bare Naked Ladies
The Grateful Dead (of course)

Lyle Lovett
Johnny Cash

When I'm really dying on the drive home, and all the cold air and Red Bull won't keep me going, nothing like putting a little bit of Dino in the player….. When the moon hits the sky like a big pizza pie….

It ain't the singing that keeps me going but the searing pain in my ribs from my wife's jab.


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In the changer now are.....

Limp Bisket
Nine Inch Nails
Fun Loving Criminals

<FONT size="1">

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Limp Bisquick
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Tom Waits

What price freedom
dirt is my rug
well I sleep like a baby
with the snakes and the bugs
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in my 8 track player:

1. the wrath of sanity - earth crisis
2. you drink, you drive, you spill - nofx
3. repeater - fugazi
4. monkey bars - jurassic 5
5. hits from the bong - cypress hill
6. shame on a nigga - wu tang clan
7. perfect people - pennywise
8. rape me - nirvana
9. straightedge - minor threat
10.sweet caroline - neil diamond

enjoy fellow two-plankers!
hope to see you all out on the slopes!
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Chilli Peppers
Pearl Jam
Another Society
Charlie Daniels Band
and more I can't think of right now...<FONT size="1">

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Survivor: Eye of the tiger
Steppenwolf: Born to be wild
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Jo Canadian - Sly and the Family Stone!!!

I thought I was the only one alive who still listens to them.

On top of them:

Led Zepplin
Blues Brothers 2000
Any 50's early 60's rock'n'roll

On the way home, it can be:
Any of the above to stay awake
Diana Krall (you gotta give her a listen!)
Mills Brothers
Dino (right arm dirtsqueezer)
My Fair Lady (original cast, for my 11 year old!)
Patsy Cline
etc., etc.

We have a rule in my household. Whoever does the driving, sets the temp, and selects the music (and the volume).
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A tape of my dogs howling when my answering machine goes on, it's perfect for whiteouts
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Tool Tool Tool and more Tool

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Lawrence Welk und any goot oompah band gets my foot to tappink...
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The Guess Who
The Beatles
Vertical Horizon
Barenaked Ladies
Leo Kottke
The Firesign Theatre
Bonnie Raitt
And many more....
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On the way up, something mello usually blues.
On the way down, after a stop in the Snorting Elk, Rammstein, ACDC, Clapton.
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Audio Adrenalin
Third Day
Daryl Lewis-Freedom
Phil Keagy
Rich Mullins
Raga Muffin Band

SkiOn...<FONT size="1">

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Stones, Led Zep, Allman Bros, Dead, L. Skynyrd, Wishbone Ash, S.T. Pilots... Almost anything that rocks.
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I listen to Dave Matthews Band (Ants Marching, what would you say...) Some old skool hip-hop on this dominatory mix I have, run-dmc w/ aerosmith lots of old-school wu-tang clan, its ALL good baby
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Widespread Panic


Grateful Dead

String Cheese Incident

Neil Young

Allman Brothers

The Big Wu


Stevie Ray Vaughn

Willie Nelson



and so much more!

I trade shows of Panic, Phish, GD, SCI and whatever other favorite artist I can get.
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King Crimson
me first & the gimee gimees
rainbow connection
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Beck grooves!
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Hey Arnie,

Just added Linkin Park to the list. Man where have I been?

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i can't belive this topic has gotten 25 posts long and NO ONE has mentioned Zappa.

what in the hell is wrong with you people!

Free your heels, poke your eyes out!
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On the way up I listen to Third Day, Rich Mullins, and anything else on K-LOVE. Right before I start a powder day I throw in a little Tom Petty, just to get the blood flowing.
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