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Rate my quiver. - Page 2

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My quiver's in my signature, but here's the breakdown shortest to longest:

175 Blizzard Titan 8 (currently awaiting to be mounted with some Salomon 912's)
177 Volkl Karma
177 Volkl Mantra
180 AK No Ka Oi
198 Rossi 7S

I pretty much would like a hard snow (ice) ski and perhaps a crazy fattie, but really the only thing I'm seriously considering adding is something in the Mantra width range to mount with AT bindings so I can start some entry level bootpacking with my tele buddy.
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198 Roossi 7SK

One of my all time favorite skis.

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Yeah, it's hanging in the family cabin. Think I'mma remount it this season just for the hell of it.
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