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Dyna Disc Exercises

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There is an old thread with a link to some dyna disc exercises, but the links are dead. Here is an update:

First, a book excerpt:

Dyna Disc Tripod:

Place the disc under your
non-working knee. Engage your core
muscles in order to minimize the wobble. When you’ve performed
the exercise on both legs, place the disc under the non-working
hand. This will enhance scapular and shoulder stability, which are a
crucial element of pole skills.
Note: An explanation of the basic tripod can be found in this article:

Dyna Disc Edging

Dyna-Disc Edging
1. Place the two discs next to each other
2. Place one foot one each disc
3. Keep your knees in a “soft” position
4. Shift your weight, so that you put pressure
on the pinky toe of your left foot and the big
toe of your right.
5. Come back to the neutral position.

You can also find exercises with pictures on this page:

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Question on the tripod.

I take it from the article (leaving out all the form details), you lift right-knee and left-hand and leave your left-knee and right-hand down. Then you switch and do the other sides.

Now you have the dyndisc and you say 'non-working hand/knee'. Do you mean the one you pick up or the one you leave down?
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The one you leave down!
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Originally Posted by Lisamarie View Post
The one you leave down!
That's what I thought.

It's just that I would consider the one down as the one that was "working". :
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Actually, you are correct. I should have said "moving."
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