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Stockli Cross Pro/Cross

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absolutely love my pair of '05 stockli sl's -- looking to add something a little more versitile and better in powder and spring snow but still with performance like the sl's. anyone have any thoughts on the '06 cross or cross pro's. ski only in the east so "normal" conditions here seem to make these a good choice? thanks
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I'm not sure that the Cross or Cross Pro will really be a noticable improvement over the SL in soft snow. It is wider but not enough to be 'good', they are also longer radius so you might not be psyched with that.

On the other hand, they will be a little better than a 63mm SL ski and they're Stockli...so if you are going to pick either the Cross or Cross Pro I'd suggest the Cross over the Cross Pro. It has more sidecut, same waist width (72mm) and the same core construction as your SL.

Check out the Rotor also, 76mm waist and sl-like radius.

I hope this helps.
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If you particularly want the short turn radius, then the rotor would probably a good move, slightly raised tail 76mm under foot and sort of a jack of all trades ski rather than a specialist kind of ski... it's not a wood core like the majority of the stoeckli range so if you are on the heaver side i would probly steer clear...

Tell us a bit about yourself...

height weight etc...
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Thanks very much -- I'm 6' and 160 lbs and ski mostly in upstate NY; 33 days last year! The SL's are great -- and i mean great: lively, precise, fantastic edge hold [0.5 amd 2 degree edge bevels], stable and fast -- for all but the occasional powder day and late season spring snow. Would love to relicate the characteristics in the SL's in a ski that can "float" better for those type of days. I am leaning somewhat toward the cross pro w/ its GS sidecut in the tail. Maybe I should look at one of the stormriders? [noticed it was in the teens and twenties at night at whiteface this weekend -- won't be long now!]
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sorry for the delay dacs, l reckon if you can bend the sl's you shouldn't have much trouble on the stormriders... i am a couple of inches shorter but 60 pounds heavier and i ski a 164 stormrider xl

they have more of a gs radius, but i think they would fit the rest of your requirements well. If you can demo a pair early in the season give them a shot
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Thanks for the help -- will definitley look to demo both.
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Rednut, not to get nit-pickey, but you say "...doesn't have a wood core like most of the Stoeckli range..."

The SL is an iso core. Not wood.
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my mistake whiteroom my memory musn't be as good as i thought it was
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