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hot pink and phat

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I'm getting last year's K2 phat luvs on sale at my local ski shop. Does anyone out there have them & whaddaya think?
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3 pairs right now with bindings for $449 on Ebay
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The flowers are too small. The previous year's ones with the giant flowers were much better.
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I was going to edit this title :
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bad, bad, bad, bad

FWIW, i demoed them at Snowbird last year. I chose the Sugar Daddies instead. But many women who post here have Phat Luvs of varying years and swear by them. For me, they were competent but not as lively or easy to ski as the SDs.
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My wife demoed a pair at Alta last year and loved them. She could not stop raving about them. I have never seen her ski crud or powder like that (in fact I have never seen her WANT to ski powder or crud period). She could carve on them as well.

She didn't try any other fatties. She wants to demo some more this year. I would have bought her some over the summer, but she only got to try one size and wants to do a little more research this winter.
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I picked up a pair of 160s for my wife last season at Copeland's unbelievable half-off in January sale. Best $275 I ever spent for her. She skied them almost exclusively in the Sierra starting from early February through July 4th.
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didnt WTFH test these skis.....
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A buddy of mine got his girlfriend 160 phat luvs AND 165 Explosivs. She's 5'4" and 115 I think and she liked the explosiv quite a bit better - she claimed they were smoother, easier to turn AND handled speed better. I'd only rate her a level 6-7 skier though so take it fwiw.

Explosivs get softer as they get shorter and they run short...mtnlion has some for sale
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