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Lange WC 130 instep

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Hi All,

So I am in a bit of a pickle.

I tried on Lange 130 WC boots and they fit great, but when I took them home and tried them on with my custom cork footbeds, I realized right away that the instep on my right foot was now getting too much pressure. I now own these, so I am wondering..

Is there anything that can be done to reduce pressure on my instep?

How is the Lange 130 instep characterized compared to other boots? (Low/Med/High?)

-- superski
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how are you buckling the instep buckle? it should just have enough pressure on it to stay closed. beyond that, cork footbeds are pretty high volume. the shop you bought the boot from can shave a bit off the bottom and give you more space.
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The footbeds certainly are thick. With them I was buckling that buckle at the lowest setting, even on the micro adjustments. Is there any alternative to cork footbeds?

Since the boots are still new, I can theoretically still get rid of them. What other boots would have the general 130 WC LF fit, but with higher instep?

-- superski
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You can lower the bootboard below the footbed to create more room.
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This is areally easy fix- the footbed can be reshaped on the bottom to provide more room or the bootboard can be shaved. Both would take maybe 15 minutes from walking into the shop to walking out. If you want a lower volume custom footbed though, the Comformable customs are the way to go. Not as much arch support, but they allow for more ankle articulation.
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I had my custom footbeds ground when I had my new 130s fitted last year and I still have the same problem. I have been skiing with the stock footbeds and they have been great, despite that everyone says how much the stock footbeds suck. They feel good so I'm sticking with that for now. Try out the stock footbeds for comparison. You have to ski in them to be able to tell though.
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Looking at the footboard, the top part is quite thin. How much can realistically be shaved from that? Would it make it less structurally sound?

Thank you.
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the bootboard can be ground down to paper thin in some spots while still doing its job. making instep adjustments is the second most common thing a bootfitter does, after lengthening the toe box.
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Before you do anything..................was the footbed shaped for your Langes?

The typical Kork footbed has a fairly straight "wall" on the medial side of the arch and is very often not shaped for a low volume boot. This is particularly important on a Lange. Remove the liner, plunk the footbed onto the boot board and take a lookie. There should be at least a small amount of room all the way around the footbed and the "wall" should be tapered to the approximate shape of the corresponding area of the boot shell.

If there is not at least some clearance, the footbed may not be dropping all the way to the bottom.

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Originally Posted by SierraJim View Post
Before you do anything..................was the footbed shaped for your Langes?
Good call, when I bought my Lange Comp 100s, my boot fitter made a new footbed as the existing one from my Atomics was not only larger in footprint, but would have also raised my foot too much. BTW there was no additional charge for the new footbed (not even materials), just part of the great service I get from my boot fitter.
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Take your boot to a good bootfitter. Tell him your problem. Ask him to remove some material from the tongue of your liner and sand your footbed down a bit. Like most boot problems, this one stems from pressure on the bones in your feet. The various bones in your feet cannot take any compression inside a ski boot before they send your brain a signal of PAIN. There is a bone right on the top of your foot that I'm sure is the cause of the discomfort you're feeling. With Lange and Rossi boots it's fairly common to cut the tongue and take out some padding to accomodate this.
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