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Muscle Milk vanilla creme.

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I'm about a third of the way into an Imperial IPA here




Creamy, nice head 



not as hoppy as the y make it sound


good with marlboro medium



sports are great on hd womenbilton tennsi on right now

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Raspberry Lemonade.....this refreshing beverage contains lemonade, fresh raspberries and vodka.....it does the trick!

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Santa Ema Cab/Mer blend....perfect with Rainier cherries....

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Sitting at the desk, no rest for the wicked, drinking an iced tea.

If I had some lemonade I'd make an Arnold Palmer

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......are you being punished?????? LOL I worked holidays for half of my life....

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Deschutes Hop in the Dark.


Not quite sold on this whole CDA/Black IPA style yet, I think.  Decent beer, but I think the mix of the roasted malts and hops confuses the flavor a little.

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3 x Bud Light Lime....it was 105* today and I was at the beach all day, look like a lobster, so I needed something a bit lighter than my usual Belgian or Scotch.

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Not enough.....



Moving back home @ 24 after living independently for 5 years in college is not recommended. It is making me quite the bitter person....




Vodka and cranberry at the moment, too lazy to go find more lemonade mix for my usual.

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...sipping an ice cold Coors while watching Spain/Germany....

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EAS myoplex lite- afternoon snack...

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jbc No. 69   Russian River Pinot Noir Rose

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Pepsi Throwback, made with real sugar. It's been unavailable in Denver for at least a couple of months, but last week while on a work-related trip to Vernal, UT, I found some at a local grocery store. So I bought a case and still had about 6 cans left when I came home Friday.

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Diet Orange Sunkist and water (not in the same glass, of course!)

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Why not? I've never had soda pop that didn't taste better diluted. I even water down my beer in the summertime. 


Right now, I'm drinking Milwaulkee's Best Ice and water with six ice cubes, a thin wedge of lemon and a shot of Sprite all in the same glass jar!

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To each there own I guess.....






Water for now, trying to stay away from the hard stuff tonight.

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Roswell Alien Amber Ale....I bought it for the label but it's actually pretty good....


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Only in Amerika:







(credit to BigE for the martini idea.)



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Augustinerbrau Munchen Lagerbierhelles.jpg

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Tonight for dinner we are having:




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Skinny Dip, by New Belgium; kind of old school with a touch of lime (it's my first time).


Light the coal to torch some porterhouses and onions, and watching football.


Good signs for season changes.

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Samuel Adams Octoberfest 2010. This year the Octoberfest beer is much changed: it has a very light amber color and much less malty molasses flavor. That means it is geared for marathon drinking! I did think it was much too rich last year; the malt and molasses flavors were overpowering. That seems to have been corrected.

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Most Excellent...


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Newcastle Brown Ale.  I am really not much of a fan, but its whats left in the fridge.

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Hitachino Nest XH (matured in sake casks)

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Freemark Abbey CabSav, Franciscan CabSav and noteworthy: Barbaresco Rabaja 1995.

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Beau's Lug Tread


Not bad. 

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