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ANOTHER Sierra Nevada Please.
(he slurred)

Smoked ribs tonight.  Hours of cooking and drinking, then ecstasy.
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Unsweet tea with lemon.
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Coke. :D
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Smuttynose Pumpkin Ale...last one.
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 blueberry/cherry/goji berry smoothie infused with 3-blend hemp protein powder, flax flour, sesame seed flour, pumpkin seed flour, sunflower seed flour, psyllium husks, pomegranate and apple juice, plus ginger powder.
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2006 Shiraz. look at dookey67's post (above) and mine. Who do youo think is happier?

Just kiddin' dook.
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2006 Pont de Longay (Premieres Cotes de Blay)
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Whiskey sour, with Old Overholt Rye and homemade sour mix. 
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Just finished off a large gin & tonic with a slice of home-grown lime. About to crack open a 2006 Bordeaux. (Haven't decided which one yet)
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'Tis the seasonish.......

It has a starting gravity of >18 degrees Plato (7.8 - 8.4% ABV).

My ass is kiccked. As good ass an ass can be kiickked!
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Had two Sierra Nevadas and now I am finishing the night with a Fat Tire
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Diet Dew in an old Avatar cup from McDonald's.
With just a hint of cat hair.
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Champagne, bubbly, alone.

Celebrating a stellar snow fall here in the east, I seem to be the only one of all my friends who are so felicitous.

Even though the stars did not align in my favor and I will not be skiing this weekend.....I should be banished.
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A couple of Shiner Bocks, while reviewing for a test.
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Layer Cake Malbec from Mendoza Argentina....makes me think of Las Lenas
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 Pike's IPA. 

I wish Canadian brewers would embrace the American IPA.
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 A small packet of Folger's "Gourmet" coffee was distributed in the wrapper of this morning's newspaper. Giving it a go.
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...Dunkin Donuts Medium roast coffee while I review East coast snow cams......bluebird day at Sugar.
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Chardonnay from Trader Joes.  Just had a bottle of one that has a smiley face for a label, kid you not. 

Now we are working on an Australian bottle of $3 Buck Chuck. 

It will be a good night.
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 Trader Joe's Low Acid French Roast. With organic cane sugar....
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Sweaty Betty Hefeweizen....at Ft. Lauderdale Beach. Move over Elbo room.SBB%206%20display.jpg
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I just drank one of those old school Mountain Dew with the cane sugar in it and real fruit juices. I'm ripped. The caffeine and the sugar make for good rocket propellant. Zoom.
What was I thinking ? I loved this stuff as a kid in Texas . No wonder Mom rarely let us have pop.
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Pomegranate Juice, OJ and Sky Vodka
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RR, Blue Moon's good, but Sixpoint beers kill it any day, as well as Blue Point beers, and they're both from your island! Blue Point's Toasted Lager is so good...

My friend went to Iceland and brought back some Icelandic beers. That volcanic water makes a difference in their smooth lagers...

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Originally Posted by Richie-Rich View Post


my favourite!
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vodka and dew - in celebration of my first full week of training to get back on the slopes! (darn injuries)
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Peroni  "Birra Superiore" 

Gotta try this Italian beer since we're going to London next Wed then on to Rome a week later !!
That's if the ash cloud stays away.

Peroni is actually kind of good -a lot like a German beer.

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Widmer Hefeweisen
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