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Originally Posted by MidwestPete View Post

Thanks    I love ite!




In the same vein, try some Rich Chocolate Ovaltine! (My signature on the old site used to be "More Ovaltine, Please!"


Mixed with skim milk, it's probably equivalent to the nutritional benefits of Horizon's chocolate milk, but much cheaper, and adds even more vitamins and minerals. It's definitely way healthier than chocolate milk made with Hershey's syrup.


The Rich Chocolate flavor is the only one that ever appealed to me and my sweet tooth, but maybe you and your kid will like the other flavors? I chug a mason jar of it after climbing, skiing, or cycling. Mmm, so yummy! Drink it within 45 min. of your workout for the most benefit to your muscular system. It's got that nice 4:1 ratio, as well .




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Thanks! You guys are making me thirsty...

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Jamaican Red Ale, I had some in Ocean Beach, CA last week at the Blue Parrot. Killer authentic mexican food in a surf town.  The bartender kept bringing me samples of all his micros he had on tap...... Nuff' said.  enjoy....


Hungry?  Check out the menu.... 



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Dieu du Ciel! is now available in Alberta. I am sipping on my second Peche Mortel now. What a great beer!

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Just polished off a bomber of Deschutes Abyss 2008.  Best Imperial Stout I've ever had.  I've still got a few bottles of the '07 and the '08 in the cellar, I'm hoping to do a vertical tasting when I get to 5 years worth.

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I'm drinking fresh brewed fresh ground french roast coffee with sugar and heavy cream.

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This thread makes me sad.


I miss alchohol...

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2001 Torbreck


The Steading




Still full of fruit, Cherrys, Plum and raisins, a little jammy with a round soft texture/tannin. Medium to heavy mouth feel and a nice lingering smoky finish.



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It's so great. I live in Utard and I am one step over the line on just two beers. OK, I had to brew the beers myself.


First, I had a Little Bit Uber beer, This is a cross between a Belgan triple and a Scotish ale. Turns out to be a lovely red beer. Yeasty bread on the nose with a great dried fruit burst on the first mouthfull. A smooth finish that leads to wanting something more which leads to the second beer.


The Blind Faith IPA clone provided the hop bite in the finish that I wanted. It also served to finish me off fairly well.


Next will be the Mystery Stout along with Tomalies and cilly. I seldom drink three beers in a night but all things in moderation including moderation.


Sorry for the typos that must be in this post but I just can't proofread right now.




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It's only 7:25 am. So I am enjoying a cup of fresh brewed coffee with a shot of Bailey's Irish Cream. A wonderful way to start every day.

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Lagunitas' Hop Stoopid. Great Beer!

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2007 Navarro Mendocino "Cuvee 128" Sauvignon Blanc.



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Water, straight up and on the rocks.


Ice cold glass sweating bullets 

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2005 Siduri Muirfield Vineyard Pinot Noir.



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Originally Posted by TheDad View Post

2005 Siduri Muirfield Vineyard Pinot Noir.



Followed by 2006 Kosta Brown Amber Ridge Pinot Noir.



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Originally Posted by epl View Post

That's a pretty *hot* drink for this summer weather! 

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Regaleali Tasca d'Almerita   w. chicken parm.

Gives Verdicchio a fast  run for its money.    And the bubbles are nice.

A little too fruity for with salmon, but I would pair it with whitefish at the drop of a hat.

sorry, 2007.

As good as it is, it is like the uneducated country stepsister to:

Which gives refreshment a tight white pepper elegance.   :) 

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Nothing, I'm at work :(
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Originally Posted by crazyjester900 View Post

Nothing, I'm at work :(

Me too :(
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Here in Burgundy, the summertime cold Rose wines from Provence are the ticket.
Sometimes you mix a little grapefruit juice with them! (odd, but really good!)

French Roses

When we get bored, we do a tasting of California or Oregon Pinot Noir against the Pinot Noirs here in Bourgogne....the locals are thoroughly entertained by the American attempts to create wine in the centuries-old French Burgundy styles....

Then again....the local Cremant here kicks the b'Jeepers out of Champagne...for about 1/3 the price!
An example of a Cremant Rose....chilled and ready...

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ExoticSkis - Is that Billette one of the Auchan ones that is normally on offer for about €4?

I'm partial to a Bandol rose, but they are difficult to get in the UK. I drink quite a lot of Alsacien Pinot Noir in the summer and am particularly fond of Woflberger Cremant d'Alsace. 
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We got the Billette at our local Carrefour (I don't think it's part of Auchan (yet))...but all the rose wines here in June are all on promotion for between €1.50 and €3 !  (a bargain I think).  A little cube of ice in a glass of this summer wine is pretty refreshing.  We had a Bandol and a Bordeaux rose too...also tasty!.

I would love to try a Cremant d'Alsace...we are drowning ourselves currently with the Cremant de Bourgogne here in Burgundy....it's everywhere and cheap (€3-€10 per bottle). Seems like every winemaker here dabbles in producing a local Cremant.  Yum.

We really liked the Jean Valestrel from Provence. The Billette was pretty good too.

Label for you:
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The Wolfberger Cremant d'Alsace is (I think) around €7. 
Foudn it at Auchan...
 The Arthur Metz C d'A is maybe a euro or two cheaper.

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3 pounds, 7 pounds???  No Two Buck Chuck across the pond?
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Originally Posted by crgildart View Post

3 pounds, 7 pounds???  No Two Buck Chuck across the pond?

It's Three Buck Chuck in nyc.

Just doesn't roll off the tongue as well...
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and, since they were out of Medoc, the filthy scum:

(I've had the Steele in the pic^, BTW, not so terribly bad, but a bit light and acidic, eh?)
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It's about 11 pm here in Berlin and still up in the 70s. You have NO idea how good this beer tastes ...
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 Blue Moon Winter Ale... best beer you can have in the middle of a day of skiing. Its as much apart of my skiing experiences as the skiing itself! haha, is that bad?
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