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Heh, tonight's tastieness, again for $3.99 a sixer.

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WhereTF do you get beer so damn cheap!!???
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Originally Posted by Richie-Rich View Post
WhereTF do you get beer so damn cheap!!???
Ole's Country Store and Beer Depot, serving the greater Missoula area.

They usually have one beer for pretty cheap, often seasonal overstocks, hence the Amber Weizen, and the Summer Ale.
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Stash Green Tea... I'm trying to get over a cold, but I am dreaming about my next Dale's Pale Ale!
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hill water.....

Am drinking hill water I take in bulk from a from a cold spring in the NC western hills. Attempting to detox from the Spaten/Sam Adams Oktoberfest binge on football Saturday. Am hunting this afternoon, so hopefully will not be seeing double.
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Grapa, or as we call it in Portuguese, Agua Ardente. My aunt in Portugal made it from the grapes of my father's vinyard, cystal clear and strong enough to peel paint.
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Pumphouse Cadian Ale..

A nice cream ale to end the day
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tried some killer "Stone" IPA this weekend, very nice.
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punkin pee

Harvest Moon Pumkin Ale....not bad at all.
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Whiskey sour made with one part Old Forester 100 proof bourbon and 1 part home made sour mix (1 cup fresh squeezed lemon juice, 1 cup fresh squeezed lime juice, 1 cup sugar and 1 cup water). It melts the days stress away.
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Kahlua Esp and milk with a splash of cola.
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Firestone Double Barrel Ale. Yum!
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I decided to pick up a sixer to celebrate the favorable outcome of the general election, and much to my pleasant surprise, I discovered that we have entered into the season of joy. It's back! Live and dangerous!

Doppel means double and this beer is double in every way. Bayern Doppelbock became an instant legend when Bayern introduced it in Missoula in December of 1987. Unlike its top-fermenting counterparts, this hearty German Dark Lager beer does not have the rough bite of a porter or a stout.
Bayern Doppelbock is dark, smooth and has plenty of hops (Saaz & Hallertauer Perle) and malt. It is the strongest beer that can be brewed within the limits of the 1516 German Law of Purity. (Starting gravity >18 degrees Plato, alc. content 7.8 - 8.4% vol.). Bayern Doppelbock is available in bottles and on draft from November through February; just in time for the holidays and the cold season. Please enjoy this festive beer in moderation and leave your car at home if you are planning to celebrate with Doppelbock.
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Dalwhinnie 15 yr old, Speyside single malt. One of my favorites.

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Crappy work coffee
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Sipping a bottle of homebrewed Chamay Red Ale clone to celebrate brewing a batch of Chamay Grand Reserve clone. Forty more bottles of beer on the wall, forty more bottles of really good beer.

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molson candian...all 12 of them, lets get drunk
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Chardonnay and then moving on to scotch.
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drool drool on that scotch.

Now having a Bogle old vine Zin ... accompanied my tenderloin cooked medium rare and just finishing off ...

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Just opened a test bottle of Corsendonk Monk's Brown Ale that I cellered about three weeks ago. Considering that this is just a test to make sure that everything is going well inside the bottles I enjoyed one of the best brown ales I've ever had.

Very dark brown the pour gives off a boquet of fresh fruit and malt. Clarity is acceptable and will undoubtably improve with time in the bottle. The beige head is minimal at this time but leaves nice lace on the side of the glass. Rich malt on the palate with overtones of dried fruit and a very refreshing finish.

Damn, I'm looking forward to enjoying a couple bottles of this around Christmas and know I will have a hard time waiting for early spring when the beer is trully ready to drink.

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It's been a shit day here so tonight I'll be going bold:

Got to be the end of the Cragganmore...
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Rainwater and grain alcohol.
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lots of stella artois... and good night.
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Sazerac prototype #3 : all rye, generous with the Peychauds, lemon peel microwaved for 10 seconds.
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Bombay Sapphire Gin and tonic with half a small lime on the rocks....light for a quenching treat post turkey-day decadence.
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Brandy that's been sitting on Northern Spy apples for 2 months.
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1994 Barros Colheitia Port - great single-vineyard vintage tawny port - very surprising, actually.

Last night, CDPs (to brag a bit) - 2005 and 2006 Clos des Papes & 1999 and 2005 Vieux Telegraph. I'll call the '05 Telegraph my favorite of the tasting, but that '06 Clos des Papes is gonna be great in 10 years (when I get to open mine!)

Good night, fellow drinkers...
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Cheap beer, from the porch.
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Mmmmm, glacier fresh.

I'm trying to encourage snow to fall by drinking my apres ski standby.
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