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Wyman Tavern Brewfest.

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Dinner last night at my snowboarding buddy's house. Victory Prima Pilsner from the Kennett Square brew pub.

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and Starbucks Italian Roast for the morning after...

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Not spectacular..but a bit different..



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Founders Redankulous

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Not drinking yet -- we're waiting (and waiting) at the brewery for growlers of Haze, Sap, and Very Green.

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Happy IPA Day
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Shipping on some old smokey whiskey I brought back from Gatlinburg,chasing it with Dr.Pepper.
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Not a great picture. Tree House Brewery's Julius, 6.8% IPA, from the growler, after a 3 hour wait at the brewery. Worth the wait!
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Tree House Haze

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New Begium Juicy Mandarina
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coffee and baileys! from a shoooooooooe!

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This is a good late summer beer (to the extent it's really been cooling down here)...

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We went here this evening.




If you are going up or down I-5 through Roseburg, OR; go here. Great beers , little class, often has good music, good pizza, and your dog is welcome. Try it you'll like it. If it were in a ski town with this name they might own the hill.


Not a bad place to lay over but put bail money in your shoe before you start to play; 6 brewries and 24 wineries in the neighborhood. 

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This was just meh...

This was amazing...

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Brash Pussalia

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Originally Posted by breilly View Post

Brash Pussalia

That looks interesting.  It doesn't look brash, exactly, but it does look interesting.

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A local restaurant was unveiling a new menu tonight and had a craft beer festival in conjunction with it. Five different breweries with about a dozen different breweries. One of the smaller upstart breweries is a Mexican guy with his Costa Rican wife who was a home brewer in North Carolina before opening a brewery here. He had one of the best stouts I've ever had called inMORAl (Spanish for immoral, but the MORA is capitalized because it means Blackberry and it's a belgian style stout infused with blackberries). Having previously sampled a lot of the options I quickly realized it was the best beer there and said that without a growler I'd just go get a bottle and have him fill it. He thought I was joking, but I went to a nearby super market and got an empty 2.5 L Coke bottle. He said the way the event was setup the owner paid for the whole keg and then sold tickets so since technically the restaurant owner paid for the keg he'd have to ask him; the owner said no unless I stayed until closing to make sure they didn't run out. We were all bummed (the brewmaster and I both), but I kept at it and talked to the owner a bit later. Basically the brewmaster said I have another keg you didn't pay for I can give him from that; the guy didn't say yes but didn't say no either. So at the end he filled up a 2.5 liter coke bottle for me with the beer and I've got it in the fridge to have with friends one of these days. 

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Cloven double IPA at crooked goat brewery in Sebastopol CA.
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I used to stomp around those grounds, @mdf. What brings you to that neck of the woods?

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