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Well with all the talk of wine this is what I'm drinking tonight



Though it is sundown and yom kippur already started so I shouldn't be eating or drinking anything...

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Originally Posted by qcanoe View Post

On my phone here so this is a very condensed reply.

As with ski gear advice, it's important to know some basics about the advisee and his experiences, preferences, and expectations. Things like:

Name three wines you've had in the last year that you particularly liked.

What is your budget?

On what kind of occasions are you drinking? (E.g., with a meal or as an aperitif? Special events or everyday beverage?)

What kind of food are we talking about? (Sole meunière or blackened catfish?)

Show me a photo of your wine glasses.

Stuff like that. Give us a narrower target.



I'm pretty much all over. Honestly, much like music I don't really find any wine bad but I tend to recall the big wineries, the small ones (least in Ia) tend to come and are gone so while I buy small batch, once gone likely not to be seen again. I avoid Yellowtails and Barefoot but Rex Goliath is ok for a cheap wine but too, seldom bought in lieu of $3 to $4 more. For my $10-$15ish range it may be Sterling, Rhiannon, Gott, Lohr, BV, Concha y Toro are fine. I don't mind higher end but getting above $25 is more special occasion or great weather to hang outside with. I've gotten/have some Whitehall, Justin, George Latour and Freemark Abbey which I like and lend myself to believe I can tell the difference but then, I find or have had plenty less expensive which were great. Recently had Moss Roxx and Gerard Bertrand (I think) which were good.


1 out of 20 are white with reds the rest. do the Cabs, but like Pinots as well as Merlots and Zin's. In terms of South American, French or Spainish wines, I buy and drink em but really haven't committed any to memory nor really even the standard American ones I buy other then saying "hey, here's one I recall liking". Note too, most the names listed are big on the Cabs, Merlots.


Glasses, well, normally stems but I have the short stemless for lazy evening as I don't hold em long enough to warm wine greatly but haven't an issue with warmer wine. yeah, I understand the idea of color, smell, taste but never got greatly into trying to extrapolate every nuance of flavor in lieu of just drinking the wine. A wine store owner once scolded me for having gum in my mouth while tasting. It was 4 hrs chewed and flavorless but his expression was very entertaining.


So, after the blabbing what I guess I was pondering is if there is a decent say $10-$15 range, fairly common red that has different than common flavor worth trying out. I can search, hit Minneapolis on occasion as well as Chicago. In terms of paring ... by itself, just sitting around. I'd entertain higher in the $15-$20 but then simply wouldn't enjoy them as often.


Particular one's I've liked lately would be the Moss Roxx, tonight i'm having a Freemark Abbey and generally say I like Lohr, liked a Dover Canyon Petit Sarah the other day too. 

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Another big California Cab
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ahhh, this was fine tonight ...

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A tasty Anthony Road Gewurztraminer - from the Finger Lakes




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Originally Posted by x10003q View Post

A tasty Anthony Road Gewurztraminer - from the Finger Lakes




Nice!  I've gotten out of the habit of driking Gewurtz.

That should be a good match to their climate -- makes more sense than trying to grow Cab.

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It's pumpkin time, pumpkins.

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Originally Posted by NayBreak View Post

It's pumpkin time, pumpkins.


Ok, this year I see gourds of pumpkin beers (eheheh ) and historically I fretted even trying one, but I will. One too many folks around me and now a post on em. 


yeah, maybe a pumpkin isn't a gourd so I should squash that pun here!

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Biere de Syrah
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didn't get chance to pick up pumpkin but .. this was fine Wisconsin brew, even the pooch recommends with a point and as usual, beer makes a project go a bit smoother


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Originally Posted by lonewolf210 View Post

Well with all the talk of wine this is what I'm drinking tonight



Though it is sundown and yom kippur already started so I shouldn't be eating or drinking anything...


Just saw this last night an about picked up a box. Figure it may make a decent inexpensive weeknight glass with dinner wine. 


Funny thing on your yom kippur, one of my fondest memories of a old friend was back in college. Sitting around a local fresh made burger joint, all eating burgers and one of the guys asked Chuck: "hey, don't you skip meat on xxx holiday? " Chuck just laughed and said he was a poor jew but the burger was great.

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Values:  I love to buy good values that may need some time and lay them down for 2 years or more, I have a bunch of great stuff that I have cellered now for over 10 years.  I opened one up saturday night that was amazing after 11 years! 


Pinot: Left coast Cellars,Calles Couvee, 2012~ $16-$18 tight, refined and balanced pinot, good fruit, mineral and flint. Lighter style. 


Cab: Rodney Strong Cab, 2012, about $16.00 outstanding cab for this price point. This is our go-to every-dayer.  Drinks like  Napa style cab. 




Waterbrook 2011 Cab reserve. excellent value. Drinks big and more like a cali cab.  Walla Walla, WA. 





Cotes DuRhone are great values and most can be found for about 14-18.  


Andezon 2013, bright fruit, smooth, refined and outstanding value, I just picked this up for $13.00 a bottle by the case.  


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I have always liked the Andezon. Pretty sure it's a co-op.
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Sangiovese, malbec,petite sirah, cab blend.
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Since the Summer is on the corner, at least for un from the South, instead of the Winter for almost you, I'm looking for good beers.


Cold Abbey, Pilsens or Weissbier, on top of the preference.


Did you noticed about Trippel carmelite? Worth a try!!!!

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Originally Posted by qcanoe View Post


I liked it.  It had a lot of that sangiovese restraint but with a bit of extra tannin.  And it had a hint of that flavor profile I was talking about.  I'm beginning to think that is a contribution from the petite sirah that for some reason does not show up when the mix is predominantly petite sirah.  Weird.

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You know it
It's the

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This is interesting. It's got some of the prune and bitter almond thing going on in the nose, that you expect from the far south. But structurally it's very delicate like a good pinot.

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Yesterday. Very pretty, very drinkable, very affordable. I like this better than the Brunel red.

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@Chance of Snow's birthday party



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I didn't try this, because 22 Oz is too much of a commitment, but I love the way the last description ends.
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So why isn't there any espresso in this thread?

In the meantime, Cat Pis IPA.
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I just tapped this keg last night
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Grilled bloody steak and wine .. who needs veggies ...


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I think this was my favorite beer of the season. The tequila barrel aging is such a nice offset of big IPA flavors.

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Just have to say that Long Trail is knocking it out of the park latey! Hit the Killington swap this morning, worked out & did some trail maintaince - now just relaxing!
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