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Originally Posted by Finndog View Post

 how is that Founders?  There is a good supply of that here. 

It's really good. Not blow your mind good, but very drinkable at 8.3% and I thought the coffee and chocolate notes were well balanced so I didn't get sick of it part way through a second bottle. My wife drank one, so will buy again.... smile.gif
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Started a p/t beer haul'n job. It's awful, warehouses full of beer from everywhere and so little time to drink it.  I did try a Anderson Valley Brewing, Ca. beer called  Winter Solstice Seasonal Ale. Very good.

The Zombie Beer Truck.

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wow, classic long nose pete there!  Alison trani  too Thumbs Up 

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379 ext hd. Pete, 3406 cat 575hp. w/ 10sp over eaton roadranger. Real truckers don't drive autos. ;-) And 47,500 lbs of Beer.
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yep, that would be a long nose pete!  The hot shit trani was a 18 double I worked in the moving industry for many years and even had my Class A permit. I drove across the country in a long nose with another driver.  Great experience.  

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I sometimes get a kick out of drinking wine from Alpine countries. This is a field blend from Slovenia. Very pretty, low alcohol, with a big spring blossom nose. Liter bottle with a beer cap. Would never have picked this off the shelf. Thankful for my wine guy!

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Originally Posted by NayBreak View Post

I really should be saving a couple of these for breakfast tomorrow...but not currently succeeding...



At least you tried ;) .

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This went well with turkey yesterday. My friend's cousin grows this in Israel. It's close to a Bordeaux blend.
All the red wines are named after classic bands or song titles.
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On the table yesterday for turkey. Smooth as silk:
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Our line up yesterday:

Focused on one region and one year.
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Tonight it was barrel aged English barley wines.

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Just a mug for me on this cold week end! (Just one!):rules:

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Like this one a lot.

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My better half and I drink champagne and sparklers often.  No reason to wait for special occasions when there are so many reasonably priced ones out there. However, we did enjoy one of her favorites this weekend.


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Monday Night Football with a buddy.

And because it's Tuesday.

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Here's to Tuesday....at least because I am off the road and back home so that counts as an occasion.

I really, really like this one from Bristol. It exceeds its pedestrian six-pack price quite nicely.

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Working through my backlog of aging IPAs.
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Après Ski
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Watching the series finally of SOA.
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A good beer released on the best day of the year.

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Originally Posted by cstreu1026 View Post

Watching the series finally of SOA.


The 10 is one of my favorites. And luckily dirt cheap (in a relative sense) here in Germany compared to the U.S. (granted, my haunts in the US included: Bierkraft, Toronado, The Moan & Dove... none known for their low prices.)

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^^ love the 10.   I just finished my oatmeal this AM but I wonder how a 10 would taste with it?  :D

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Doing a little shopping for a big rig.

And doing some baking.
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First had to choose the coffee maker:


Went with a chemex pour over. Current beans are Equal Exchange Ethopian.


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Another from New Holland. Sort of a tame Dragon. Good.

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Delicious American barely wine.
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Trader Joes 2013 Vintage Ale (Unibroue)

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When it still looks like this 20 minutes after the pour...

...and your girl still isn't drinking it...

...and the bottle is getting low...
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