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A bottle of Agner & Wolf Swartzbier. Yum!

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Enjoying a couple of good brews tonight.
Triple Digit Rum Barrel Aged Aftermath wee heavy.

Boulevard Double Wide Double IPA.
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Old Chub.
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Had a bit of Flor de Caña 7 year rum and also a shot of Knob Creek bourbon. I saw they had Flor de Caña when I was in NH. If you find it at your local liquor store I would highly recommend you try it (7 years or older only though, 5- is not good). 

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A couple of good beers tonight.

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A rather malty double IPA from Agaonst the Grain brewery in Louisville Kentucky. It's made with Nelson Sauvin hops hence the name Rico Sauvin.
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Anyone heard of Brooklyn Brewery Black Chocolate Stout?  10% ABV and heavy on malt, roasted barley with a touch of sweetness.  Not bad!


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It's common around here and always sounded good but I've never picked it up.
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It's soooo bubbly....

This one was good but nothing all the special.
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@cstreu1026, what are you using for a kegerator?

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Dogfish Head Indian Brown Ale. Good in the pasta sauce, good to finish +1.

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Originally Posted by Cirquerider View Post

, what are you using for a kegerator?

This is he one I have.

It's not perfect out of the box and if I had to do over again I'd probably go with a commercial grade unit like a True or Beverage Air. With a little work though it pour great now.
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Scored some Heady Topper for this weekend! Not sure if it really deserves the "best beer in the world" title, but it's damn sure the best beer I've ever had. 

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I never want to try it because I'm sure I'll be disappointed. I was with Pliny and Zombie Dust. Neither lived up to the hype.
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Hendricks Gin & Sodastream Tonic. Soooo goooood. 

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Knob Creek bourbon, my favorite of the fairly limited selection that I've tried. 

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I shared a few brews with friends this afternoon.

Now that I'm home I broke out the last MBC brew I have.
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…and for the record King Titus > Mean Old Tom.

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The last thing you shared with friends was Death? biggrin.gif
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Originally Posted by cstreu1026 View Post

…and for the record King Titus > Mean Old Tom.


Poor @Cirquerider 

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Hey, pour me some of that, and you can call me  anything you want...and yes, I'm old, and I'm Tom.


We should have made a rule for this thread, "you must be 21 to post".  But then we'd have never explored the merits of Yellowtail.

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Originally Posted by NayBreak View Post

The last thing you shared with friends was Death? biggrin.gif
It was part of a Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse series a local brewery. From the breweries descriptions of the beers…

Pestilence is a sour brown ale brewed with 7 varieties of malted barley and wheat, organic whole Hibiscus flower pedals and spicy hops from the Hallertau growing region of Bavaria. The name Pestilence is derived from the ancient biblical term for infection or plague. Through a natural process called sour mashing, we expose the mash to airborne elements for a period of 48 hours allowing for a natural infection to arise causing the beer to sour. After this process is complete, we collect the sweet, sour runnings and introduce the spicy hops. We then boil it for a period of 1 hour and steep it with fresh hibiscus flower pedals. The end result is a wonderfully aromatic blend of fresh botanical herbs and mouth puckering sourness.

War is a smoked Irish-style red ale brewed with cherry wood smoked barley and traditional UK amber malt.

A Bavarian-style wheat beer utilizing a specialized mash temperature to develop a big body and a full flavor while keeping the beer sessionable. Malted black wheat gives the color and Bavarian yeast provide the aroma and flavor.

A high-gravity Russian Imperial Stout brewed from a blend of dark malts and Jolokai peppers (Ghost Chili Peppers).

Pestilence has probably the worse reviews of any craft beer I've ever read but I've never tried it. I did have War and it reminded me of licking an ask tray. Huge tobacco flavors from the smoke. I skipped Famine but my own morbid curiosity got the better of me and I picked up a bottle of Death. I sat on it for about a year and a half before giving it a try. It was bad and it wasn't really hot. It had subtle smokiness to it that was actually pleasant even though I don't like smoked beers. You could taste the pepper flavor but you had to have a bit of it before you felt any sort of heat.
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After years of being a home brewer, I have come to enjoy beer that is blended well so that I can appreciate the subtleties of the grains, the hops, the yeast and the water.  Just about anything from Samuel Smith's will do for me, and for something domestic, it's pretty hard to beat Anchor Steam and Anchor Porter.

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This was a good reminder of why I generally drink at home...$7.25 for maybe a 10oz pour of Full Pint Rye Rebellion. It's good but I have better bourbon barrel stouts in my refrigerator.

Then there is beer...Chickow imperial hazelnut brown ale from Triple Digit in Cincinnati. It's one of my favorite beers. I love the sweet and nutty flavor.
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A coworker came over to get some bindings mounted on his new skis. As it happens, he's a bourbon/rye aficionado so after we got the bindings on we sat down to sample a few from my shelf. The sampling:
Blanton's (classic)
Noah's Mill (cask strength, a splash smoothed it out - rich,different)
Jefferson's Reserve Very Old (excellent and classic, grew on us)
Taos Lightning Rye (the rye really stood out against all the bourbons, quite nice)
Pappy Van Winkle 15 yo (ahhhhhhhh...so fine)
Elijah Craig 21 yo (surprisingly odd, compared to the others)

It was an interesting and enlightening tasting, his favorites were the Blanton's, the Jefferson's and the PVW.

Anyone else need some bindings mounted?
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Rye Rebellion is a bit overwhelming for me.  It's a couple miles away for me to go to the brewery, and pines are $5 for that high gravity beer, the case is $55.  


Founder's Porter tonight for the hockey game.

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Tonight's selection include 2012 Terrapin Moo-Hoo chocolate milk stout and Speakeasy Butchertown Black IPA.




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Three Floyd's Apocalypse Cow imperial IPA brewed with milk sugar.
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Getting ready to watch Justified.
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This is definitely funky.
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