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Originally Posted by cstreu1026 View Post

This is a phenomenal black IPA. Maybe better than Firestone Walker Wookey Jack.


I do wish Odell would distribute to WA, might be a while before I can try that one.  Stone Enjoy By 2.14.14 for me this evening, a lovely hop bomb.

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Sierra Nevada DevESTATEtion Black IPA for the Super Bowl. Pretty good, and organic to boot. Perhaps thematic for the game as well. Glad I went skiing today. As profanities erupted from Jane Base watering holes right at game time, I figured a hole was being dug, which DVR confirmed....
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Jim Beam Black

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Ska Brewing Modus Hoperandi while enjoying dinner at Downstairs at Eric's in Breck. Good food and a great American IPA.
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If anyone is in Charlotte, NC, the Olde Mecklemburg Brewery Copper Ale is my favorite.

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Very unusual and very tasty.
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With dinner I had A milk chocolate porter from Eudora Brewing about 10 miles away. It was more bitter sweet caocao than milk chocolate but it's good. For desert it's Goose Island Bourbon County Brand Stout with a scoop of vanilla ice cream.
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A new product -- "Beat 3" white whiskey, from Djinn Distilling in Nashua, NH. 

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Bourbon...on the rocks.
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Taos Lightning bourbon. One of only two bottles in all of PA (only one if @Cirquerider finished his). It's very good, one of the smoother bourbons I've sampled.

Thanks @Bob Lee
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Still one of two.  Very nice rye whiskey. 

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Going to Taos next week and will bring back number three.
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I picked up a bottle of Breckenridge Bourbon last week while at SIA and I have say its pretty damn good stuff.

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Four Roses single barrel is my Bourbon of choice.
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A friend had me over tonight and after we went out for dinner we went to his place to sample scotch (hooray for my younger brother as designated driver). I wasn't pouring full shots so I could try as many as possible, but got to sample:


Glenfiddich 18 yo

Glenmorangie 10 yr


Bowmore 12 yo




Glen Moray

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At the end of a ski day, what could be better than an Elvgren pinup staring back while you quaff a nice amber draft?



Happy VD, everyone!  ;)

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Berthollier Chignin, with chicken piccata and asparagus.

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Enjoying a bottle of Three Floyd's Broo Doo fresh hop IPA, but I have to brag on the haul my wife brought home to me. I asked her to pick up a 6 pack of Schlafly A IPA and some Milkeller Beer Geek Vanilla Shake. She must have made a good impression on the manager at the store because he offered up some special stuff he had in back.
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The best hot toddy I ever made ...mmmmmm

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By lunch time the crowds at the local hill were insane so we took the opportunity sample a few beers (along with home made Cabernet and moonshine distillers from home made wine and aged with French oak chips).
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Just a crappy cup of black coffee :(

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I went to pour some Ten Fidy and got the last gasp from the keg. frown.gif. On the bright side I just grabbed the other handle and poured some Bourbon County Brand Stout.
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Delirium Nocturnum 


Very very tasty. 

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9th State Red IPA from 603 Brewery in Londonderry, NH. Very good...

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Ommegang Abbey Ale. Very heady, very good. 

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Taos Lightning! :yahoo:

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Very good. The nod to The best Belgium ales leaves it a little short at the price point.

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Originally Posted by Cirquerider View Post

Taos Lightning! :yahoo:


Me too, last of the bottle. Guess I shouldn't have shared. 

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Originally Posted by NayBreak View Post

Very good. The nod to The best Belgium ales leaves it a little short at the price point.

That is a really good beer.  If you're patient you can sit on a bottle for a year or so and the heat from the alcohol should fade a bit otherwise past vintages have been a little on the hot side.

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