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Simply Limeade and cheap Sauza blanco.

mmmmm, breakfast.
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Originally Posted by skiingman View Post
Simply Limeade and cheap Sauza blanco.

mmmmm, breakfast.
Hey sm,
...just picked up some Limeade the other week....it is good stuff!...will be even better if we in Maine ever hit a week of hot summer temps.

right now: Corona..yum
tomorrow AM: going to get my hands on some Mythic Riders(in local shop), as well as 8000s...and do a little shovel-test...
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Quail's Gate Old Vines Foch (like a port but not!)
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Large Dunkin' Donuts hot coffee with cream and 4 Splendas.
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Plain old fashioned hot coffee, black.

Cream and sugar is for corn flakes
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old line

I like my coffee like I like my women: BITTER
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A vanillia milkshake.
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Nutella hot chocolate.
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Dunkin' Donuts large iced coffee.
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Stolichnaya, V8, Cholula hot sauce. Yum!!!
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H20 straight from the brita filter
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...iced tea and vodka.....down here called an "Icepick"...
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I'm going to have to try that one.

Sugarfree Red Bull and bargain vodka.
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L de Lyeth 2004 Sonoma County Cabernet Sauvignon....quite tasty
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nothing, as that darn job has put me on the wagon; but could really go for a Downtown Brown Ale from riva's grill in Tahoe.
Add a Tahoe sunset over the mountains for the perfect chaser.
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Long Trail Hefeweizen.

The unfiltered IPA is also pretty tasty, to bad I drank it all
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vino desde cielo vino

Monkey Bay Sauvignon Blanc......
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Originally Posted by krp8128 View Post
Long Trail Hefeweizen.

The unfiltered IPA is also pretty tasty, to bad I drank it all
I'm jealous. When I'm in the area I head to Killington for some morning runs just so I can justify going to the brewery and having a big plate of nachos and some delicious beer.

at a friend's place. no water jug in the fridge....warm albuquerque water, ugh. better than nothing.
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Provo Girl
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Luigi Bosca Argentinian Malbec.

Picked some up in BA and like it as a moderately priced Malbec, can find it some places here.
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Mama Juanas

with Ron Barcelo white rum and a delightful citrus honey.

Revitalizan el vigor sexual, limpian los riƱones, y purifican la sangre.
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...right now?

Mountain Dew and Orange Juice, mixed 50:50
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them thar hills........

....no name Scotch 'n hill water from a cold spring a couple hunderd yards up the (Turkey Pen Gap, near Roan)mountain...hill water prevents hangovers.............
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Arrogant Bastard Ale, a tasty beer. They really take thier marketing all the way check out the site...lol


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I've had that one - not bad. Very bitter (kind of appropriate name) but good. The label is pretty hilarious. Gotta try that Klax or Klak that was mentioned earlier.
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Wagner Valley Dopplebock
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A Sally-Benson....allow me to explain.

While working on my new house I asked my GF to fix me a drink, she then asked what I wanted I said I dont know think of something. Well, we have lots of scotch and bourbon in my house, also lots of vodka and a few other spirits (I dont like vodka drinks), but not too much stuff to make mixed drinks with. Also since I am on a ketogenic diet right now (all protein) I want to keep the carbs very low to none. So she came over with a golden colored, slightly cloudy drink with some limes and ice in it. I said what is this, she said I just mixed some things together...I took a sip, damn good.

the Sally-Benson

Whiskey (She used Makers Mark)
Sugar (we used Splenda)
Fresh squeezed lime juice
Club Soda
lots of ice

Thers is no exact measurement since she cobbled it together, but tonight I made one for myself following her recipe and I went heavy on the bourbon, the thing is the lime and sugar (splenda) seems to cut the hashness of the bourbon, so it really goes down easy. Give it a try.

Oh yeah, the name, she is gonna kill me for this....when she was a little girl she decided that she did not like the name her parents gave her and told them to call her Sally Benson...neither she nor her parents know where she got the name from but I kid with her all the time, in fact naming the drink Sally-Benson caused a frown on her face, but I know she liked the homage and reference.

For those who know what a Caipirinha is, this drink is very similar in recipe and taste except you swap the cahchasa for whiskey and add the soda water.

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Boulder Beer


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Saranac Imperial IPA 8.9%
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Jack and Coke...I think there is some coke in there...somewhere.
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